Oriental Coffee

People enjoy drinking coffee all over the world. There are so many different types of making delicious coffee. We are going to share some information about making oriental coffee in the East. By the way, gambling also came from the Ancient eastern countries. Do not hesitate to grab a cup of coffee and test the 22Bet login

Oriental coffee is not just a drink, it is an experience. This is one of the oldest traditions, part of the culture and heritage. The appearance of coffee shops began during the heyday of the Ottoman Empire, and they had nothing to do with those that now sell lattes, cappuccinos, and other trendy drinks at every turn on different types of milk.


Oriental coffee – this is the name of a unique way of preparing a drink that distinguishes it from others. According to the recipe, it is boiled in copper coffee pots over low heat. This ancient method was discovered in the Ottoman Empire.

The traditional type of cezve, by the way, has not changed significantly over time. It has a long handle, making it easier to hold on fire, a base large enough to make the most of the heat of the fire, and a narrow neck so that not a drop will spill past the cup.

Do not forget that oriental coffee utensils are an important part of the tradition. The best option is to pre-order from Turkey. Today it won’t cause lots of problems though it might take some time. Enjoy drinking amazing coffee!