Are you searching for shoes with a lower upper? Are you looking to buy shoes with soft soles Are you looking to find shoes with soft soles? Are you looking for light-weight running shoes Are you looking for sturdy shoes? Are you looking for durable shoes? Do you prefer the casual look or something more sporty?

Find out more about to buy such shoes in the United States.

Brief: carries casual and sports footwear for both women and men. It is a website for commercial sales that aims to meet the needs of different customers. selling shoes is a replica of has stolen the policy content from several other sites. does not clearly state its physical address.

Oncloouds created a brand for its product, which is a copy from the ‘On Cloud.’ This was to take undue advantage ‘On Cloud.’ This creates a duplication brand for Oncloouds’ products and raises Does Oncloouds.Com have legitimacy? sold unisex footwear, but classified them differently on its pages. The women’s shoe designs are the same as those for men, but they do not include any specifically designed footwear. features:

  1. There are 78 options for running shoes for women
  2. There are 77 types of running shoes available for men.


  • Buy running shoes at:
  • Social media Links –unspecified at
  • price: between $54.83 – $60.65
  • Location:1 PREMIUM BUILARD SUITE 885, Jersey Shore Premium Outlets.
  • Blogs and Customer Reviews:not Supported by
  • Terms & conditions:mentioned purchased plagiarized
  • Privacy policy mentioned plagiarized at
  • Phone or Whatsapp Number:not mentioned in
  • Store has not provided the address for physical stores.
  • Help and FAQ: not specified on
  • Delivery policy:The shoes can be delivered within fifteen days by
  • Shipping has a three day processing time. Shipping costs for orders less than $750.00 are $10.
  • Tracking –possible at
  • Return Policies:unspecified by
  • Returns Policy: unspecified in
  • Email address to[email protected]
  • Payment Mode:via PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Amex in US$.
  • Newsletters are not supported By

Best in ?

  • provides free shipping for orders greater than $75.00
  • You can buy any 2 pairs at $79.98, or 3 at $99.98.
  • offers more then 63% savings on a single pair
  • offers many sizes, designs, colors, and styles of shoes
  • offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to search, filter, and sort.


  • Three pairs for $99.98? Sounds too good to be true!
  • – Shoes with poor specifications stolen from many sites
  • is a great use of the ‘On Cloud brand and showcases shoes that are branded with Oncloouds.
  • is not aware of any returns or refunds policies
  • For women’s shoes, there was no significant difference in design

Is Oncloouds.Com Legit Creation – 11 March 2022 at 23:51:22 Last Updated on: 11th April 2022 at:51:22. Expiry Date: Within the Next 348 Days at 00.51:22. Age: seventeen days old.

Trust Index earned a terrible 2% trust rating.

Origin of uses the Country of Origin to identify its United States.

Status for does not have a blacklist.

SSL Certification:its IP number is valid.

Threat Profile99/100.

Suspicious Websites Proximity: 9/100.

Phishing Score99/100

Malware Score98/100

Spam Score95/100 uses secure HTTPS protocol.

Contact personunspecified, Review about Social doesn’t appear on social networks.

Owner’s contact details and identity:censored through services of

Customers Reviews – appears to be a fraud based on four reviews and three YouTube reviews. was ranked 8,265,289.

Customers’ ratings and reviews are not accessible elsewhere on the internet. cannot support product reviews.

Beware of Scams. accepts PayPal payment.

Conclusion:, which was launched just recently, had a short lifespan. is a high-risk site that poses security risks and scores highly in threat profiles. Reviews conclude that scam. There is no acknowledgment by the customer of delivery. reviews were helpful? Comment below about this article from