COVID-19 is a revolutionary change that has impacted the entire world. A “New Normal” lifestyle, along with various hygiene and health practices made it mandatory that COVID-19 be checked regularly. You can have home testing done in a matter of minutes.

United States healthcare authorities have approved some kits for home testing, and the On/Go Covid is one. We have reviewed the On/GoCOVID Test.

What is the On/GoCOVID Test?

On/Go COVID Testing Kit is an antigen self test set. It can check your nasal swab at-home and give you instant results. It claims it will detect all the COVID-related antigen proteins including Omicron. It will return results in less than ten minutes.

It also features a timer that shows you how long it will take for your results to be available. This is an effective kit to test antigens at home. It includes two individually wrapped kits, which include a rapid-testing feature.

Review of the COVID Testing found that it’s easy to use, understand, and you can consult your consultant if there are any problems. To ensure that they are accurate, you must insert them into your nostrils. This is the best way to test the patients.


  • Type of Product : COVID-19 Testing Kit.
  • 2 items
  • Brand Name: ON/GO
  • Part Number:
  • UPC: 860006191665
  • UNSPSC Code : 42312300
  • Dimensions: 2*3*5.5 inch
  • Weight: 2.08 oz
  • Access Bio for Intrivo
  • Product manufactured by: It is made in the United States.
  • Results: You get results in 10 minutes
  • Health Concerns – Fever, Headache and Headache.
  • Reviews: ON/GO COVID Test Reviewsare now available.

Aspects of the ON/GOCOVID test that are positive:

  • We can trust this testing facility as the results are ready in less than ten minutes.
  • It is a FDA-authorized home testing facility that users can access and use to achieve their desired results.
  • It comes with an online companion application that makes it easy to use and gives you guidance on how to get the best results.

Negative features of the ON/GOCOVID test.

  • The test kit is highly effective. However, we do not have unlimited stock.
  • It has been authorized for Emergency Usage Authority.

Is ON/GO COVID Test Legit?

On/GoCOVID Test have identified many aspects that may support its legitimacy.

  • The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), has authorised the product. It is therefore legal. This kit is approved for home emergencies and can therefore be used to test for viruses at home.
  • It is sold on Amazon, Walmart, or other online retailers. Therefore, it seems legitimate.
  • On/Go CVID Test reviewsare now available. They have higher ratings than other similar products. The testing kit received positive feedback from users or consumers.
  • We give the product 4.2 stars from 5.
  • It’s associated with the online product, which proves again that it is legit. You can easily download the mobile application to keep track of your data.

You can trust this product, and you can order it online for home testing. It is proven that the product works after thorough research.

What are On/Go’s COVID Test Recommendations?

According to our research, the product has been found to be very useful. Customers have responded that the product gives an effective result, and they can test it twice because the kit includes two strips.

Some reviews have stated that the product was not durable or the results were inconsistent. However, the positive reviews overshadow the negative aspects of the product. The body is different so you may get different results.

Final Verdict:

The On/Go CoVID Test Reviews are essential to learn if it’s useful for you. It is safe and effective, according to our extensive research.

Are you unsure whether home or clinical testing are more effective? Leave your comments below.