Find out exclusive facts and information that are not available elsewhere about / Vansmith. Learn more about why Vansmith is hot. aims to encourage donations through prizes. It’s a win/win situation both for charities and donors. A camper van equipped with a stove, gas stove and a mini-fridge is what you have always wished for. ?

Participating in a noble cause such as charity at vansmith can give you the chance to win an RV camper van.

Promotions at currently promotes an exclusive prize: a Mercedes(r-) 2022 Sprinter Van. The van can also be customized according to the needs of the winner. Vansmith handles the customized conversion. It is an exclusive prize. can convert vans.


Vansmith services offer freedom to those looking for comfortable and thrilling on-road adventures in a campervan. The Mercedes Sprinter Van has rooftop solar panels that can be used for off-grid life. Mercedes Sprinter Van, a powerful vehicle, can be used to support the above mentioned utilities for two persons. Vansmith offers several interior designs to Mercedes Sprinter Van models, including:

  • BIVY conversion starts at $33K
  • RACK & ROLL conversion design starts from $63K
  • The OUTPOST Conversion Design starts at $80K
  • Based on the user’s requirements, custom-made conversion designs with a price. was founded in

Rayn and Matt, the founders of had a terrible experience participating in an online auction that intended to give the money raised to charity. The auction offered prizes including court-side seats for a Laker match and dinner with Magic Johnson. Rayn, Matt, and Rayn were outbid by the auction increase.

Creative charity ideas at Vansmith

This old-fashioned method of collecting money to support charity is still used. These auction participants are often wealthy and have the luxury of spending their money on other things. However, what about people who don’t have much money but want to make a difference by bidding on auctions? Auctions have two purposes: to collect money for charity, and to offer prizes to the highest bidders. Therefore, those who bid low will eventually be outbid by the highest bidders and thus lose their chance to win prizes.

How does work?

Rayn, Matt, and Rayn were both disappointed by the lack of success and launched plans win-win opportunities for donors and charities. Vansmith enables users to make donations as low as $20 or $25. They can also donate $50, $100, $100, $150 and $150 to charity. Every donor can win prizes, regardless of the amount they have donated.


The current call to donations ends on 28th Mai 2022. The winner will be announced around 15 June 2022. Omaze.comallows for a generous donation, since users want to give money to charity. You could also be eligible for prizes if you donate!

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