Have you ever visited a website with travel tips? We will now tell you about it through our writing.

Before visiting a certain spot, we make sure to check out the user reviews, facilities, and other information. In this way, we are able to verify the worthiness and surroundings of that spot. We will now survey a tour guide site. This is primarily what the United States people want to know.

So, if Okehub.com is important to you, we suggest that you closely examine our composition.

The Site

According to analysis, the portal is a tourist-guide that allows netizens select the most desirable spots and places, such as:

  • Bandung
  • Europe
  • Kota Lainnya
  • Magetan
  • Jakarta
  • Yogyakarta

The site’s goal is to inform users about the best attractions in these places. The site also provides information on route costs and cost of tickets for specific spots. For more information, please read the following paragraph.

What Does Serves To You?

The site also has travel tips for kids, which we learned after we investigated the site. This site also offers information and descriptions of appealing Indonesian locations.

This website might be useful for you if your native country is not listed below. Our investigation revealed that most tabs of the website don’t work properly.

Who are Its Authors?

Aepan Wag appears to be the portal’s founder, as per the website. OKEhub com is silent on the author. In the next section, we will learn about its originality.

Authenticity detector points

This paragraph is extremely important because it will help to determine whether you believe in this website. Let us continue our investigation, and let’s peel more.

  • Trust Score — This portal detected a value of 8.8
  • Website Register Date The site was launched on 20-09-2021. It states that it has been in existence for 6 months and 3 weeks.
  • Comments– We haven’t had any public comments on reviews we found. Trustpilot reviews are absent for Okehub.com.
  • AlexaRank The site does not have an Alexa rank.
  • Validity — 20-09-2022, is the cessation day for this website.
  • Trust Rating– The trust rank of the site was only 47.5 out of 100.

What Are Consumers Opinions?

As mentioned, we have removed any comments or opinions left by online customers. Our analysis revealed that this portal has 2.50 stars. So, we recommend that you visit the portal to see it in person and let us know what your experiences were by leaving a comment.

The Final Talk

This article circled OKehub com in order to reveal its natural face to the internet. Additionally, the site offers tour guides to many Indonesian destinations. Unfortunately, there is no public feedback on the site. We recommend that you research this site more.