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Are you aware about the Oblivion, an iron roller coaster at Alton Towers (Staffordshire, England)? Want to find out more? This article will provide all the details.

Alton Towers has been featured in recent news, as Alton Towers visitors were forced to scale the Oblivion. This information has been trending on the United Kingdom Ireland, as well as the United States. This article will detail the Oblivion Ride Alton Towers.

Roller Coaster Terrifying scenes in Alton towers

It was an unpleasant experience as people were forced to climb Oblivion 65ft, at 40 degrees. This is the first time this has ever happened in the history United Kingdom. The Oblivion sent the Oblivion to leave the people at 180 feet into an underground tunnel which they eventually found.

One group got stuck at 65ft. Because the ride had a 180ft drop it had to be lowered. Also, the weather was very unfavorable.

Details on Oblivion Ride Alton Towers

The Oblivion Kickstarter introduced a new theme to the entire area. The ride opened in 1998 and received extensive publicity because it was the first ever vertical drop roller coaster. Alton Towers’ most impressive roller coaster is it. After the news was made public, the people who took the oblivion rides were in a very difficult position.

The ride to oblivion only lasts around 25 seconds. The ride is fantastic, but one has to descend 180ft vertically. The roller coaster can travel 110km/hr. It is an amazing ride. Oblivion Ride Alton Towers does not offer a drop ride. Instead, it offers a roller coaster.

It is one among the many incredible attractions found at Alton Towers. Oblivion, a Bolliger&Mabillard Dive-Machine roller coaster. Alton Towers visitors had an incredible time. It disappointed many who had hoped to visit the place.

Why is news so hot?

Alton Towers hosted the first ever vertical roller coaster. The park-goers snapped pictures of the riders while they were climbing down. The photos were quickly tweeted by park-goers.

It is the third fastest coaster after Stealth at Thorpe Park’s and Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s. Twitter posted the images, which showed a man in safety gear giving water for those aboard during those extreme temperatures.


Alton Towers’ roller coaster is one that everyone has dreamed about. After the roller coaster got stuck at the middle, the riders had no choice but to climb down. Oblivion Ride Alton Towers continues to be a hot subject of conversation.

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