Are you a book lover, but not a novel reader? Are you looking for a narrative browsing app? You must have looked into the Novelah app. Haven’t you? This is how you can make money, and it’s why it is so popular in the Philippines. Reading novels and writing can help you make money.

But, is Novelah Legit or not? This is a practical concern if you are concerned. Let’s find out how to solve this problem below.

What is the Novelah app?

Novelah is an open-source novel scanning app that provides a wealth of authentic, complementary, and nice novels from all of the genres originally authorized by the authors.

This app can help you gain wealth and points by completing assignments like innovation, sign-in and proposal. You will also be able to earn separate points for each assignment. To be distinguished from Novelah readers and other users, you must present your tasks.

It is true that Novelah Legit will pay a consistent and reliable source of income for your articles when you become a chartered writer.

This Trend is It?

Novelah is the new money-making app that society is turning to. It is obvious. The app allows you to join and is free of restrictions. You can also gain by simply reading the articles.

Although this criterion may seem reasonable, scams these days shake people’s faith and cause them to ponder its legitimacy. This is why it’s so trendy and controversial.

Is Novelah Legit or Not?

  • Novelah is an app that is free and is published by Tom Yang, a US citizen.
  • According to our research, the app has a rating of 4.4 stars from 5.
  • Our exploration is a popular app with a promising rank history in Google Play.
  • According to the studies, its official website is quite beautiful and well-designed with all possible information.
  • We are aware that this site has received a lot of positive and favourable feedback.
  • We must ensure that both the sign-in and membership are self-reliant in order to determine Novelah Legit.
  • Although earning might seem petty, it seems trustworthy because they have detailed every detail such as their cash out system.
  • You can cash out the income in two ways: via GCASH or Paypal.

After analysing everything, including the journals, it is clear that this site isn’t a fraud and can be trusted.

We would also love to hear your most preferred genre of novel in the comments below.


We have compiled the facts about Novelah Licensable to give you a final verdict. Despite all our extensive observations, we could not find any scam. However, we recommend that you do your research thoroughly before taking any action. We believe that you should have complete control over your security.