It is likely that you have been enjoying this Squid Game Series very much But do you know what’s taking place across North Korea because of this series? Squid Games have undoubtedly been an exciting and thrilling Korean drama that viewers have all enjoyed.

Its success across America and around the world has made it a hit. United States and around the world has brought Squid Game one of the most watched shows available on Netflix. Netflix platform. With its compelling plot and a mysterious storyline Squid Game is a great series to binge watch, however the violence in the show has been an issue.

Let’s talk about more North Korea Firing Squad Squid Gamefurther in this article.

What is Squid Game?

Let us first take a moment to introduce this show. Squid Game Squid Game has become the largest series to ever debut on Netflix.

It’s an South Korean drama series directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The series premiered on September 17, 2021. it recently reached an impressive 111 million views on Netflix platform which is a huge number.

Has North Korea Banned the Squid Game?

As we’ve mentioned before the violence issue has been an issue for a lot of people, and as a result the country North Korea has banned this game, which is the reason this North Korea Firing Squad Squid Gameincident occurred.

The government officials have publicly stated that the show was an attack on South Korea country’s Capitalist system.

Although it’s prohibited in the United States Many people have viewed this show through pirated copies, which have led to severe consequences. Recently, a man who was smuggling pirated copies of the series is now facing the same fate. Let’s move into the following section to go into more detail on the firing squad case.

What is The North Korea Firing Squad Squid Game Incident?

man who was able to smuggle into the Squid Game series is sentenced to be executed by firing squad in connection with actions. As per Radio Free Asia, a boy who purchased the series has been handed a lifetime sentence.

A large number of administrators, teachers, and students aren’t given a reprieve. They even get fired from their jobs and are sentenced to a certain amount of punishment.

The story began as a high school student purchased a disk containing the series and watched it with a friend in class.

North Korea Firing Squad Squid Game incident was triggered because it’s claimed that the boy’s friend shared the news with that the entire class that the entire class was fascinated by the show, and the boy took the drive along with the other students. Radio Free Asia source told that the censors of the government took the students away after an alert.

The Final Verdict

This sad news shows how deeply and firmly it is that the North Korean government is taking the notion of “protection” of its citizens from influences of the outside world.

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