This article will provide you with an honest review of Nigelmall shop reviews. Read the review before purchasing items at the Nigermall shop.

Do you require everyday used items at a reasonable price? Are you looking to buy clothing, electronics, furniture or toys? If you are looking for these items for a reasonable price and of high-quality then visit the Nigelmall store. Nigelmall shop located in the United Kingdom sells household items online worldwide.

You can buy items from this store, but after you inquire about Nigelmall reviewsfor safe online shopping.

Brief description of the Nigelmall shop

Nigelmall can be described as an online store that provides a broad range of household goods. It has everything important items we require in our everyday lives. If you’d like you home outfitted with stylish items and furnishings that are stylish, then consider this shop. To get the most in-depth information about the shop of Nigelmall we’ll take an overview of the items:

  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Outdoors and sports
  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • Tools
  • Bag
  • Shoes

These are the items offered via Nigelmall shop. Buyers need to be aware of whether Nigelmall Shop legitimatebefore being lured towards the stunning products. Many websites have an intention to defraud customers. Some times, customers pay for the entire purchase but do not receive the purchase. To solve this issue We conduct thorough investigation of the sites and write unbiased reviews.

Specifications from the Nigelmall shop

  • Purchase Furniture from
  • E-mail ID: [email protected]
  • Contact phone number:079 1247 7533
  • Address Address: The address of the shop and the owner’s contact information aren’t listed on the site.
  • Reviews There are no review on the Nigelmall Shop Reviews found on official websites, nor any relevant reviews on other websites.
  • Refund policy Products can be returnable and refunded after 14 days. Buyers are able to cancel the purchase within 24 hours no cost.
  • Delivery: The shop provides free shipping to all countries.
  • Payment method: The shop only accepts payments via PayPal. There is no other payment method that is accepted.

Positive Highlights

  • A contact phone number, as well as an Email address can be found.
  • The site offers free worldwide shipping to anywhere in the world.
  • The items are made by hand and affordable.

Negative Highlights

  • The owner’s address and location aren’t found.
  • No social media account are found.

Is Nigelmall Shop Legit?

A visit to an online store and browsing through the items will never be enough to determine the authenticity of the website. Buyers should verify the legitimacy of the website prior to purchasing. Certain indicators can help you determine the credibility of a site.

  • Website development: We could not discover any information about the when the site was created or the expiry date of the site.
  • Data Security: The site follows HTTPs protocol. The site uses a secure network to transfer the information.
  • Registrar The registrar of the site is not present.
  • The Customer’s Response Customer Response: There aren’t any Nigelmall Review Reviews of Shops in the official website of the shop, and there are other websites that review online shops.
  • trust score: It appears suspect since the site’s trust score is one percent. This is considered to be an awful trust score.
  • Social Media platforms It was impossible to locate any accounts on social media. While the site has provided icons on its platform, they don’t redirect users to any social accounts.
  • Information is missing: The website does not provide any information about the location or owner.
  • Privacy policies: The privacy policy on the site is accessible and is acceptable.

Nigelmall Shop Reviews

Nigelmall Shop has mentioned some information like the email address and telephone number. Certain details, such as address and location aren’t available on the website. The comment section isn’t accessible on the site therefore, no responses from customers are available on the official site. The website does not display reviews on any review site online.

The site displays icons for social media on Instagram and Facebook However, there is no pertinent page is listed on these platforms. In addition, no reviews are listed on the platforms. We’ve found a lower Alexa rating for the Nigelmall store. Go to this page if interested in finding details about frauds with credit cards .


The review about Nigelmall Shop Reviews provides information about the credibility as well as the authenticity and authentic feedback about Nigelmall Shop. The trust score for the site is 11% which is not very good. Unfortunately, we were unable to discover the date of its creation and expiry date for the website. Learn the best way to be a victim of scammers using PayPal scamming. Visit this link to find out how to deal with Furniture.

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