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You want to purchase bras that will protect your breasts from cancer. Do you find your current bras to be itchy and uncomfortable? Do your bras’ thin straps make you feel tighter and leave marks on the skin? Do your bras provide excessive push-up on your breasts?

Let’s look at Nichonade about a website that offers an innovative bra design within the United Kingdom.

Brief: has one product for sale on its website. It is:

  • Nichonade(c) innovative bra

Underwired bra support may cause cancer. Nichonade(c), Nichonade bras don’t have wire support. Nichonade bras have been designed for young women and mothers who are pregnant or nursing.

Further examinations of proved that the website failed to earn a trust score within a period of one month after its launch. Did steal content from other sites? doesn’t acknowledge delivery of orders. exact copied THE REZILIENCI LTD (pictured as the owner), is a pharmaceutical firm and has its website.


  • Buy bras at:
  • Social media Link:not included by
  • Price: PS24.90
  • Physical address: 71-75 Shelton St,Covent Garden,London,ENG-WC2H9JQ,UK.
  • Customer Reviews & Blogs:only Customer Reviews are supported.
  • Terms, Conditions:Present. Plagiarism was detected on
  • Privacy policy Present, however plagiarism was found at
  • Phone or Whatsapp Number:not on
  • Store locatoraddress of physical shops are not available on
  • Help & FAQ: also available on
  • Delivery Policies:not included in
  • Nichonade Review about Shipping Policy: not Included on
  • Trackingnot possible with
  • Return will allow returns within 30 days. Client must pay the return shipping charges.
  • Refunds offers no refunds
  • Email:not available on
  • Payment Mode:mode for payment is not available at All payments are in GBP.
  • Newsletters. Users can subscribe by email to to receive newsletters.


  • The Nichonade bras have high-quality French lace that is hand-made by French craftsmen.
  • Nichonade bras are lined with soft, firm, and wide straps. This is a positive highlight in Nichonade Reviews
  • The Nichonade bras will give you the push-up effect you need and help keep your breasts healthy.
  • Nichonade bras feature a front closure, making them very easy to use
  • offers a 29% Discount and Free Shipping


  • is located at different locations on the map.
  • It’s difficult to contact customer support as the email address isn’t present.
  • You will find important policies and information about delivery, shipments tracking, mode of payment, etc. does NOT include them
  • does not support a refund policy
  • doesn’t sell some of its products, so there are many products in the return policy.

Is Nichonade Legit?

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  • Trust Index received an awful 2% trust rating.
  • Origin of Country of Origin for Unknown
  • Status for Blacklisting – is not on any blacklisting engine.
  • Risk Profile:14/100.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 4/100.
  • Phishing Score7/100
  • Malware score:14/100.
  • Spam Score0/100
  • Connection Security – uses HTMLS protocol.
  • Contact person not provided by
  • Social relationships: pages on cannot be found on social networks.
  • Nichonade Reviews owner’s contact and identity:Alma (founders) are censored with

Customers Review:’s website has two negative reviews. was ranked at 599,253 on Alexa. reviews are positive and average 4.5/5 star ratings. Therefore, all product reviews posted on seem fake.

There are no reviews from customers on YouTube, the internet or social media. Beware Of PayPal Scams As did no mention the mode for payment.

Conclusion:’s TrustRank is poor and their Alexa Score is low. Reviews concludes it is a scam. It only has a 1-year life expectancy. has not been reviewed by customers. We are unable to recommend them.

Be Aware of Credit Card Frauds as has not specified channels of payment upfront.

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