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Do you enjoy wearing shoes from top brands? Have you ever read the reviews at There are many types of shoes. They can be worn based on season or event.

According to Canada as well as the United States residents, shoes should either be comfortable or of high quality. In this article, we’ll discuss the tips and tricks for Continue reading the following sections if you’re looking to find Nicekicksshop Rating.

Explaining Online Shopping

They are an online store that sells replica nice kickes, according to their website. They also have two brands to their credit, including Perfectkicks, and GET. Portal also said that they had established this online store in 2006 to serve customers’ needs.

They added that China-based factories make it easier to transport and package the product faster. They take good care of both the customer and the product in order to maintain a good name in the virtual world. Let us now review Is This Website Legit ?

Some Important Specifications

  • is the visiting link to this e-commerce site.
  • After they have sent you an email asking for a return, they will make arrangements within 3 days.
  • This portal doesn’t have the newsletter feature.
  • Our investigation revealed that there were no strings attached by the firm to its address on the site.
  • WhatsApp: +85265261729
  • PayPal, credit cards or debit cards, WeChat or Taobao payment are available payment methods.
  • Shoes of Air Jordan, Yeezys, among others were listed on the website.
  • Their return policy states that they will respond within 24hrs to any buyer’s return request.
  • We noticed the Gmail address [email protected].
  • The Nicekicksshop Survey found no social media icons in Facebook, Instagram, and other sites.
  • They would exchange the item in 3 days.
  • They may ship your products within 24hrs.
  • Our survey found that 25-02-2021 is site’s enrollment date. This means it is one year old, 3 months old, and 7 day old.
  • The delivery date strings cannot be changed.

Profits Noticed In This Portal

  • The contact number can be found below.
  • We noticed that an email address was present.
  • Reactions from customers are welcome.

Downfalls Spotted

  • The newsletter is not available.
  • Social connections are lacking
  • Trustpilot opinions don’t exist.
  • There are no address details.

Is Nicekicksshop Real ??

You will be able to determine if this website is reliable for shopping. For fair results, it is important to read the tips below.

  • Social Connections We could not find any icons on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter during our investigations. But, the portal’s FAQs section provides the Facebook link.
  • Trust Scope – We only observed a 9% score for this shop.
  • Domain Name – This portal was created on the day of. 25-02-2021. It is 1 year 3 months and 7 days respectively.
  • Owner’s Clues Given No relative strings were submitted.
  • Duplicity Observed — According to our Nicekicksshop Investigation, the portal’s content has been copied.
  • Trust rank– 48.3/100. The website is being filtered.
  • User’s Views Our survey showed mixed but positive comments about the portal. Trustpilot and its page on Facebook did not have any reviews.
  • Portal’s Expiry date is 25-02-2023. This is’s frozen date.
  • Alexa Rank During the search for Alexa Rank, we saved a 1366721 amount.
  • Discounts Reality This site’s products are subject to huge unreliable discount.
  • Address Validity. We failed to analyze the factor because we didn’t have the associated clues.

What Do Shoppers Say?

While the website featured several Nicekicksshop reviews from buyers, we are not certain if they are real. We find the website’s opinions unusable. Additionally, we found many flaws in the site’s analysis, including a low trust ranking and score. This e-commerce site is also missing the details about the store’s location and social icons.

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The Final Words

We looked at the portal using Nicekicksshop Recommendations strings but did not find any legitimate comments. Since the site has been online for over a year, and there are no reviews, we consider it suspicious. Read the credit card scam strings here.