Do you want to learn more about the non-fungible tokens that are associated with the ancient Japanese soldiers? You might be interested in this topic. Continue reading to learn more.

To reap the benefits of the futuristic value provided to token holders, digital art lovers worldwide and classic warrior fans are eagerly waiting to mint this token. Token buyers can also play the characters while gaming. Continue reading to find out more about the NFT Samurai Saga.

About Samurai Saga Collection

The Samurai Saga Collection contains 9999 unique digital art collections that represent different types of Samurais. The Samurais also include rare legends, champions, and foot soldiers. The NFT character’s value determines the token’s value.

To stand out from other tokens in the collection, the NFTs have different backgrounds, weapons and physical features. ERC-721 is the network that allows rare art collections to be built. From 9999 NFTs 69 Samurai NFTs are reserved for promotional activities, giveaways, and rewards.

NFT Samurai Story

  • Samurai Saga features samurais dressed in various weapons and costumes. Digital art transforms the NFTs to a modern, more advanced version of 3D art.
  • The NFT collection’s main characteristic is its random creation without any particular order.
  • All NFTs are made up of modern Samurais who are ready to fight in war.
  • Samurai Saga NFT owners can use their own character in a variety of gaming modes.
  • The price of NFT determines the skills of the NFT.
  • Based on the NFT value, token holders get rewarded.

Samurai Saga Team

  • Sensei Vedran is the main developer of NFT Samurai Saga.
  • Sensei Dino is the main artist behind this NFT collection.

Samurai Saga Marketplace

  • There are 463 Samurai Saga NFTs listed on the OpenSea platform out of 9999 Samurai Saga.
  • There are currently 188 NFT owners.
  • These NFTs currently have a floor price of 1.15 ETH.
  • The OpenSea platform allows for the trading of NFTs worth 105 ETH.

How do I buy Samurai Saga?

  • Visit the OpenSea platform.
  • The platform will connect your wallet. Metamask and Trustwallet platforms allow new users to create a free wallet. Learn more about NFT Samurai Saga.
  • You should load enough ETH cryptos into the connected wallet.
  • Select the NFT you need to purchase from the OpenSea platform.
  • Pay the NFT value in ETH to complete the purchase The NFT price is not the only cost. Users also need to pay an ETH gas fee.


Due to the high level of support from the community, NFTs based on popular themes or cultural activities are more commonly accepted and embraced by the crypto community.