Do you know that NFT cryptocurrency is currently making waves on the internet and in the cryptocurrency markets? If the answers are yes or not however, we’re trying to discover as much information as we can in our article of today. Stay tuned for more.

NFT was initially popular within it’s home country of the United United States. It later became the most sought-after cryptocurrency in Canada as well as India, Canada United Kingdom and India. NFT has also introduced an event in the past that was dubbed NFT Lazy Bunny. If you’re interested in joining the event information, continue reading.

What is the Lazy Bunny? NFT?

“5555A group of kids accidentally ignited the forest fire that destroyed the majority of Lazy Bunnies living quarters. To find an affectionate family and a house to call their own, Lazy Bunnies made their journey to cities. No? So why don’t we give you an easy rabbit?”

The following paragraph provides an official explanation of Lazy Bunny’s NFT. You can find out more about the Lazy Bunny-NFT the short form by reading this piece to the very end.

Descriptions for The NFT Bunny :

  • Five thousand five hundred and fifty-five Lazy Bunnies in all
  • The lazy Bunny costs 0.055 ETC per unit
  • The quantity that is pre-sale is 555.
  • ERC-721 is the smart contract type.
  • 77 distinct hand-drawn characteristics

How rare Is Lazy Bunny NFT?

Each aspect in Lazy Bunny was carefully drawn by hand since we created only 5555 pieces, every one is unique in its own one of a kind. To keep the excitement going We’ve decided to keep the amount of unique characteristics in each category of trait at present.

The features in The NFT lazy bunny

  • Five Ethereums will be awarded in our discord as well as on Twitter as part of a campaign.
  • NFTs will be given to those who are the most active members of Discord. Discord community.
  • The community decides what happens to the community wallet, which is a source of 50% of purchases made through secondary channels.
  • At 0.055 Ethereum per Lazy Bunny, it’s a price that is clear and affordable.

Unique Features of the Lazy Bunny NFT

As you already realize the fact that Lazy Bunny- NFT is an exclusive cryptocurrency You will be thrilled to discover its exclusive features. Some of the most rare features of NFT’s Lazy Bunny‘s features are as follows:

  • Backgrounds: 17
  • Clothes: 22
  • Ear Rings Ear Rings
  • Eyes: 10
  • Eyewear: 07
  • Hats: 16
  • Mouths: 15
  • Skins: 22

How do I purchase Lazy Bunny- NFT?

NFT is a shorthand for non-fungible tokens. They is yours only as a unique digital asset that you can later sell at profits. Lazy Bunny NFT can only be purchased using Ethereum that can be acquired through on-ramps such as Coinbase and PayPal. You can transfer your Ethereum through MetaMask and then purchase the NFT at the beginning.


Through NFT’s Lazy Bunny You can even be whitelisted meaning you get a lower gas cost as compared to minting by the public. If you have additional information that you think are useful, please provide them to us.