Are you in search of an obscure theme-based, non-fungible token? You may have been informed about the release of unique characters created with blockchain technology.

The crypto enthusiasts and art collection owners from Australia, Canada, United States and United Kingdom are looking forward to adding the recently released exclusive collection of art to their of art. The worth of the artwork is determined by the market demand for art , and it can be purchased through Solana cryptocurrency. Continue reading this article to find out more what you need to know about The NFT Bored bunny.

About Bored Bunnies Collection

Bunnies who are bored comprises from two thousand, two hundred and twenty two distinctively mintable cartoon characters created using the Solana blockchain. Murder mystery is the central theme that was used to create the collection of different bunnies.

A variety of bunnies are made, and each bunny is different from other bunnies. Each bunny’s worth is also dependent on the demand and supply of the NFT market. This means that there are more than 200 distinct characteristics that make up the vast bunny collection. In addition, every bunny comes with different murder mystery stories that is the reason for the persona.

NFT Bored Bunny

  • The initial season in the Bored Bunny series consists of diverse bunnies, each with its own crime-solving character.
  • The mystery of every bunny’s story is addressed on official discord as well as twitter platforms to enhance the quality of interactions among members of the Bored Bunny creators and its community members.
  • The NFTs were developed by a group of three digital creators: Zlot, Ingrid and Walter Smidge. Ingrid is the primary artist in this NFT project. He can also be a graphic designer as well as a digital illustrator. Zlot is the team’s leader in addition, he has a vast knowledge of programming and design.

Where to Buy a Bored Bunny?

  • The NFT Bored Bunny is available for purchase through as well as Magic Eden online marketplace. At present, the first season of the NFT collection is out of stock.
  • The NFT miners are awarded a prize cash prize that is 18 SOL.
  • New users who did not get this season’s Bored Bunny Season One will have keep waiting until season 2 is available. Keep up-to-date with their official social media accounts like Twitter and Discord to get additional information from the team.

Popular Bored Bunnies

  • The name of the character and the mystery surrounding each bunny make this NFT collection more interesting and useful. Find out the more you can on the NFT Bored Bunny.
  • The most famous bunnies are The Sheriff of Bunnyton, Angela Lansbunny Death, Drexyl Rabbey, Father Rabbitson, Liza Bunelli, The Oracle and Rabbitkazam.
  • The traits of bunnies are also remarkable. Other bunnies to include would be Normal Bunny 2518 Bunny, HolidayJump, DreddZombunny and Bun Corleone. At present, all the bunnies listed above are all sold out.


NFT collections are rapidly gaining acceptance within the NFT space , as it allows members of the NFT community members to participate in a variety of NFT -related activities.