Peter Robbins, an American child actor, died at the age of 65. He is best known for his role as Charlie Brown in a Television Documentary. At seven years old, he began acting on different television shows.

He looked up to Charlie Brown, and even had a tattoo of him. However, Peter was suffering from a mental illness. This article will discuss the Net worth Peter Robbins while he was alive. His net worth was estimated to be around 200 million dollars at the time he died. His fame was felt in the United States and Canada.

A Brief About Peter Robbins

Peter was born in Los Angeles, California in 1956. His career began as an actor for children in various films and shows. He appeared in films such as Good Times, A Ticklish Affair and Moment to Moment. He became famous later by voicing Charlie Brown, his role model. At 65, he committed suicide.

He was diagnosed with Mental Illness despite all his fame and wealth. He decided to commit suicide at a time in his life when he was receiving all the love he desired.

What is Peter Robbins’ Net Worth?

His net worth was approximately 200,000 dollars at his death. This net worth was earned through his voiceovers, acting and business ventures. It was a long and difficult journey for him in acting. His famous shout, “AAUGGGHH!” was well-known. !”

He was not only an actor, but he also played a variety of other roles that he earned. He had a full life and plenty to talk about. When he was seven years old, he began working as a laborer in his childhood.


Net Worth Peter Robbins shows the success of his life. His bipolar disorder and paranoid schizophrenia caused him to be involved in so many controversy.

He was arrested by police for violating several probations, including drug consumption and threats to his ex-girlfriend, manager, and others. For probation violations, he was sentenced to eight years and eight months. During an angry outburst at the court proceeding, he was ordered to undergo a Mental Health Exam. He was later sent to a drug rehabilitation center. Because of his mental condition, he was also moved to a psychiatric facility.

Earnings from Peter Robbins

Net Worth Peter Robbins was currently, shortly before his death, at 200,000 dollars. Let’s take a look at his incomes in the past. According to the report from 2021, Peter earned 4,00,000. He had a monthly income around 32,000 dollars and a weekly income approximately 8,000.


This article contains information about Peter Robbins’ life. On 25 January 2022, he was reported to have committed suicide. He was loved by many people from Canada and the United States. He played various roles throughout his entire life. He was a successful actor despite his Mental Instability. Net Worth Peter Robbins was very achievable at the time of his death.