Do you enjoy collecting toys and fun pops. Are you a believer that collectibles don’t need to be categorized by age? Fans of Pokemon and Naruto should be prepared to see the largest collection website in the United States.

It doesn’t really matter how old you are when collecting your favorite toys. However, it is important to be careful with where you purchase from.

Information about the website

Funko Online Store Las Vegas licensed the Nerdysteez website. They sell the most popular collectibles. You can also shop in person at their store. They also offer preorders because these collectibles are highly sought after. We can see that most of the products have been sold.

These products steal hearts

  • Chase bundles (Naruto, Batman, Avengers, Psycho Patrick, Ichigo, Spiderman, Superman, Doctor Strange, etc.)
  • Cowboy, Daredevil and House of Dragons are among the Justice League Funko Pops.
  • Stickers in a unique edition
  • Accessories and clothing that are special
  • Mystery box
  • Collections of Pokemon

Website Specifications

Is Nerdysteez Legit? Websites are constantly being created and it is impossible to verify their legitimacy. This strategy will allow us to identify the true face of each site.

  • Customers can purchase from :
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Phone number: (702)625-6760
  • Address information: They have not displayed their address information. According to their social media bio, the website is located in Las Vegas.
  • Names of social media accounts: They are very active on their Instagram profile. They are Nerdysteez.LLC and have approximately 10000 followers. They have posted over 2200 posts.
  • Customer Reviews: Nerdysteez Reviews is not available on their official website. However, it is accessible on the internet.
  • Shipping Policy: Stocked items will arrive within 3 to5 days. Preorders will ship in 3 to 5 business days. However, preorders are subject to a longer availability period.
  • According to the exclusives policies for anime, no products are eligible for returns. They are confident in their quality.
  • Refund policy: Products are not eligible for partial or complete refunds.
  • Privacy policy: There are no details about privacy policies
  • PayPal, credit cards and electronic payments are all options for payment

Nerdysteez Review is not available on their website. The majority of the products were sold out, but they still didn’t get any reviews. This means that it must be further analyzed.

Positive aspects

  • All products are guaranteed to be of superior quality and well-packaged.
  • You can even pay in installments.

Negative aspects

  • There is no customer-friendly return or refund policy.
  • Poor delivery services have earned them a poor reputation online.
  • To hide overpriced collectibles, more unrealistic offers are made. You can also find more combo deals on the website.

Legitimacy assessment

Is Nerdysteez Legit? This section will examine the determinants of the website.

  • Domain age: The domain nerdysteez was created on 7th June 2020. Therefore, the domain’s age is 2 years and 2 mois.
  • Domain expiry date: The domain nerdysteez website expires on 7 June 2024.
  • Website trust score: Average trust score of 60%
  • Originality of content: 100%
  • Name of the Registrar: GoDaddy LLC is this website’s registrar.
  • Missing information: address, company name, privacy policy
  • Protocol detected for data protection
  • Customer reviews: Nerdysteez Review are available on the internet
  • Ranking Global Alexa – not available
  • SEO: 68

Customer reviews: Summary

Although the website has been selling collectibles online for more than two years, it still doesn’t have a single review. Online sources show that we can obtain customer reviews as many customers have had bad experiences with the website and poor delivery services.

Even though they offer a one-year delivery, it is not uncommon for them to exceed that. This website may not be trusted, and the reviews aren’t positive.


Nerdysteez Reviews provided details about the site. We couldn’t verify its legitimacy based on the trust score and user reviews. People have complained about poor customer service, delivery issues, and no refunds.

We recommend this site for experienced users only, even if they need to be more cautious before buying.