Cryptocurrency is on the rise. It is now the fastest method to make money. So everyone, no matter where they live, wants to invest in crypto tokens and make some money. While it may sound easy, it is not.

It is vital that you check the cryptocurrency market stats before investing. This currency is highly volatile. Nbayc NFT is being reviewed for your convenience.


When we searched for NBAYC on Twitter, we found its profile. Unfortunately, it had been deactivated. We continued to investigate and found its official website at There, we also found information calling United States participants to the basketball court. Nbayc is an acronym for a basketball league. Make sure you have 5 members to sign up to Nbayc.

Further, you can also find your team on the game. OneETH coin will be given to you if you succeed in this task. Check the apes to verify your membership and try your hand at the Bbayc NFT games.

How do I collect five players

This is easy if you have friends. You can share this idea with your friends and encourage them to sign up. To play and earn $BALL, you must collect four more players if nobody is interested. Search the players and ask them to become your players. You can also use the token for team boosts. You can create an account and see how it works.

What are the plans for the Nbayc games?

This roadmap is available on the company’s official website. This includes Phase 1 and Phase 2. However, Phase 2 is still not up to date.

Phase 1 comprises:

  • Ten all-timers (all-timers) will be airdropped for 1 Etherium
  • You can join your team by looking at the five apes.
  • Mint out after every 48Hours.
  • Show off 5000 NBAYC apes

Current Statistics for NBAYC Token

It was found that the NFT had been sold more than 2403 time in the last week. However, the Nbayc NFT sales volume was $720.7K with an average price $299.9. NFT also had a total supply at 5,000, with 1835 owners. Its last 10% cost $134 while the median price was $285. The 90% price was $534.

The Bottom Line

This is all there is to say on the NFT token. The decision to invest and play in this game is yours. It is important to only invest if your trading skills are strong and you have the ability to earn profits. You could lose your investment. It is a good idea to seek out the guidance of an investment expert.