Do you consider yourself to be a deep NBA fan? You might be wondering what the latest trend in Nba Guessing looks like. Is it a basketball game, or a guessing game. It’s a basketball-based game that draws players from all over the United States. This is everything you need to know about the Nba Guessing Game.

About Weddle

It is a basketball-based version of Wordle. Poeltl (a guessing game based upon NBA) is the game. The game requires you to identify the NBA player by looking at the silhouette. Dunktown is a popular podcast about the NBA. The creator of this game was Dunktown. Each day, there is a new silhouette of a player! The game was first presented to NBA fans via Twitter. It has enjoyed huge popularity ever since. Poeltl is a common name for the game.

Where can I play the Nba Guessing Game

  • You can play the game on the Poeltl Official Website, which is brought you by Dunktown.
  • Poeltl might sound odd to you. Jakob Poeltl (Austria’s professional basketball player) is the reason. This guessing game was named after him.

How to play Poeltl

This game can be played by anyone who visits the official website using any browser.

  • Begin by carefully observing the silhouette of the NBA players.
  • After making a guess type your answer in to the guess box.
  • Only eight of your chances are to correctly guess the name of an NBA player.
  • After every guess in the NBA Guessing Game, there is a box where you can enter the details of the player that you guessed such as their age, height and division.
  • The box with the description matching the ultimate mystery player will be in green color.
  • The box that is yellow indicates that the player has not yet joined the team.
  • Every day, there will be a new NBA player that fans can guess. This keeps the air full.
  • There are eight chances for you to guess the correct name. It should only take a few attempts.

Fan’s reactions:

It was first made public to Twitter fans. Ever since then, Poeltl NBA guessing game has been a much-loved and loved item among all NBA fans.

It is being praised and loved by many netizens. It’s a great game! It’s a combination of guessing games, and it tests your Basketball knowledge.


The game was announced first on Twitter. It is a Basketball-based guessing contest. This game requires players to guess the name from the given silhouette the NBA basketball player. This is a very popular game. All over the world, basketball enthusiasts are enjoying this sport.

If you love Basketball and are a huge fan of the National Basketball Association, you will absolutely love Nba Guessing Games.

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