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Do you feel bored at home during COVID lockdown? Are you up for the spectacular, colorful fireworks displays and pet parades that are being held in your home?

Can you believe that the Canadagovernment will sponsor the event and we can take part in it for free! This article will discuss the Nautical Day Fireworks and other similar events that took place during this festival.

The family event

Nautical Days is a family-friendly festival that Canada’s government funds to celebrate British Columbia Day. This 3-day festival is held in Marina Park. The festival hosts a variety of shows and events. Fireworks is a very well-known festival event.

The fireworks show’s name is Festival of Lights. It was to be held at Marina Park, Fisherman’s Wharf Board Walk on August 1, 2022. This event took place in the entire Comox Valley. It was estimated that the show would run between 10 and 10.30 pm. The show featured a themed firework and music.

Nautical Days Comox

This festival, which is nautically themed, will take place in the Comox area. Because it is a historical day for Canadians, this event will be held every Monday in August. This year marks the 64th anniversary for Comox’s nautical days. These include colourful parades, entertainment shows and spectacular fireworks. It was held on August 1, July 30, and 31, respectively.

Important events were held because August 1, 2022 Monday was British Columbia Day. These include fireworks, nautical cosmos parades and vintage car shows. People can use the transit for no cost on BC Day.

The main events

Everyone’s favorite event was the Nautical Day Fireworks. It will be held on both the main stage as well as the sail stage. The Comox Nautical Days also hosts some well-known events.

The event and the programs are for the people.

  • On July 30 , 2022 ( Saturday ): Breakfast, Bullhead Derby, Pet Parade, Kid Stuff (Kids Rides, Games, Crafts, Etc. Bistro Garden Event Sponsored by Vancouver Company, Live Screen Printing. Making a Show on Mini-Buttons and Trading Cards.
  • On Sunday, July 31, 2022, Creativity Activities ( Metis beading, Making Lantern), Compass Adventures Sailboat Race, Church Services

The most important events

Nautical Day Fireworks will take place on the final day of the event. On Monday, British Columbia Day, August 1, the following events will take place: Breakfast, Annual Build and Foot Race, Vintage Car Show, Art For Kids and Information Booth. Many famous performers performed at this event to make it a lively one.


It functions as a family festival and many well-known performers have performed there, including Blue-Shift. Blue Tonic, Duece, Tammy, Duece, Tammy, and Duece. The Nautical Day Fireworks day is a day for Canadians, and BC Day is an official holiday. This day is mostly celebrated to honor the Canadian indigenous people.

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