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Is it a real national ice-cream day? This day is celebrated where? Please read the below to find out all about these celebrations. It’s a great day for Canadians, and it’s celebrated in Canada. Today is the perfect day if you love ice cream. Today Baskin Robbins and Dairy Queen will offer specials and treats. You can read the whole article below to learn more about the National Ice Cream Day 2020 Canada.

How is this day celebrated

National Ice Cream Day is observed each July on the third Sunday of July. Baskin Robbins, Dairy Queen and other companies offer discounts on various products. In 1984, President Ronald Reagan announced the first day of Ice Cream Day. He declared that every 3rd Sunday in July should be Ice Cream Day. You can find every flavor on the current menu on National Ice Cream Day. Share some ice cream with friends and family to celebrate National Ice Cream Day. Take advantage of the National Ice Cream Day Dairy queen Deals and to get some ice cream now.

History Ice Cream

Most people love ice cream, regardless of age. People enjoyed ice cream as a treat thousands of years ago, when there wasn’t ice cream. Instead, they used to melt snow in a bowl and add grape juice. Chinese used to freeze dairy with ice salt. Although it did not taste very good, they loved it. The Joint Resolution in the United States Senate created National Ice Cream Day.

More information National Ice Cream Day 2020 Canada

National Ice Cream Day is celebrated each year on Sunday, as we have already discussed. Because ice cream manufacturers offer discounts and free treats, Americans eagerly anticipate this day. People love to enjoy this day by buying ice creams for their friends and families. Ronald Reagan was the first to designate this day. This day should be honored with appropriate ceremonies. If you enjoy ice creams, get them now and share with your friends. For more information, see National Ice Cream Day 2022 Canada.


History shows that an American can eat about 20 pounds worth of ice cream per year, or perhaps 4 gallons. Ice cream is something we all love. This day is for those who enjoy it. National Ice Cream day is celebrated across the country. People share their favourite ice-creams with friends and families. People are eager to celebrate this day. This link will provide more information about National Ice Cream Day.

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