Are you curious as to why Discord is so popular? You can read our article to find out everything you need to know about Discord, and why it is so important. is very popular in the United States. It’s a place where everyone can belong. It’s the center of your universe. Discord is used by over 100 million people to communicate in text, audio and video with their communities and friends.

Shame Discord provides more information about the game.

Why is so popular?

Reddit user posted about, and it was reacted to. He said, “I wasn’t sure if creating an environment where quotes from different people are ignored violated the TOS. My server allows me to create a channel even though I know it is against the rules. This could happen even if all avatars and names were removed.

Another user responded to him by saying that there is a distinction between making fun and harassing someone’s statements. He also shared screenshots from where they clearly stated that mocking harassing and defaming are not allowed on They also stated that they don’t support or organize harassment.

What’s Discord?

Discord was created to enable user messaging. Each group is called a “Server”. It can be used to refer to an informal style of the application if you are familiar with it.

Shame and Name Discord Server

Discord servers allow you to share both speech and writing stations. You can also share music, photos, and links. Each server has multiple channels that are devoted to certain topics. Every server follows its rules. It is possible to start your own server, and you don’t need to join any others.

Do you want to find new servers? You can search for an insert topic on Discord. Discord also has a search engine. You can use commands such as giphy to add GIFs to your message, or mark them as spoilers while you talk.

You can use Google to find new servers to link to. However, it won’t track all servers; only the most popular ones.

You can use “/giphy”, or “/spoiler”, to add a GIF or spoiler to your conversation.

Final thoughts about Shame Discord

This Discord post states that it is against the ToS for users to publicly shame others and to create a channel in which different people’s quotes can be disregarded. It is clear that prohibits mocking, harassment, or defamation.

They also insisted that they didn’t encourage, plan or participate in harassment of others.

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