See exclusive reviews and other information about the Myjar REdress Scam. These scams are a sign of financial crisis.

Want to find out what MyJar is? Did you know that MyJar was used by clients to get loans in times of need? MyJar was easy to use and had a representative who helped clients get loans.

Clients were able get loans and stabilize their finances. These clients could repay the loan by paying small monthly payments plus interest. Let’s take a look at the Myjar Redress Scheme.

MyJar Scam

MyJar has stopped lending recently and is now seeking Redress. MyJar runs its operations only to recover loans. It is based on average reviews, ratings, old age domain and good ratings. This makes it seem legit. Many people assumed it was a scam since there have been many such organizations in the past.

  1. You can lend money to people
  2. Then, they stopped lending.
  3. Only the collection division is operated.
  4. This organization does not pay back its investors.
  5. These organisations trap the investor’s money, along with their investments, and make a profit from interest payments.

MyJar customer service is available for assistance with repayment only.


MyJar is an established and well-respected loan provider in the UK. It can provide individuals with a personal loan. The loan amount is between PS2,000 and PS 7,200 depending on the request.

The client’s repayment ability will affect the amount of the loan. Higher loan requirements can be allotted more than PS7.200. As one customer posted on FB, he received a PS40K Loan.

NOTEMyJar failed to clarify the reason for its cease lending operations or whether it was facing financial hardship. You can find more information about Myjar Redress Scheme here.

MyJar Reviews

Facebook rated @myjarcom positive. It has more that 18,043 subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and YouTube. MyJar can provide short-term loans up to 12-24 month. doesn’t have any feedback. Trustpilot reviews of the product rated it 3.7/5-stars. The average rating of it was 4.3/5 stars according to 35 reviews.

Features determining MyJar Legitimacy: went live on April 4, 2006. It will end on April 4, 2023. existed for 16 years and 23 days. Myjar Redress scam is still unambiguous. MyJar earned an excellent 93% trust ranking, 65.5% company ranking, and a low suspicion scoring of 15%.’s Alexa rank is 3,140,000.720. is secured using secure HTTPS protocols. The IP address has an active SSL certificate valid for 201 consecutive days.


YouTube does have some positive comments. These reviews stated that people who needed funds to manage their household finances received loans for unforeseen, emergency, and contingency situations. These people were not able to find help from their friends or family. looks legitimate and provides answers to Myjar Fraud. However, will make the situation more obvious in the future.