Over the years, coffee has gained quite a reputation — but not always in a positive way.

In the 1900s, headlines claimed coffee would slow down growth and cause children to get poor grades at school. However, in the 1970s and 1980s, people worried that coffee could lead to heart attacks. In the 2000s, headlines claimed that coffee might increase the risk for certain cancers.

Things started to change around 2010. The headlines suddenly started to celebrate coffee and not condemn it. Large-scale meta-analyses and scientific research led newspapers, health publications, and scientific research to conclude that coffee can support overall wellbeing.

Coffee’s benefits were so evident that the USDA’s 2015 dietary guidelines acknowledged daily coffee consumption positively. Numerous studies have shown that coffee’s health benefits outweigh any possible harms.

A staggering 62 percent of Americans consume at least one cup of espresso per day. Many of these people may be reaching for coffee to get the caffeine-rich jolt, but they are also getting a dose of wellness.

However, that’s not the end of the story. Even though coffee is widely praised for its many health benefits, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t any downsides. Coffee will not make you blind, impotent or terrible at school. However, some coffee can affect the body’s acidity, digestion, sleep patterns, etc.

It turns out that adding mushrooms to coffee can offset some of the negative effects. We know that mushroom coffee may seem unappealing at first, but it is a common combination. Switching to mushroom coffee can be one of the best decisions if you are a coffee drinker. This is the best way to enjoy a smooth, delicious cup of coffee that’s both healthy and balanced for your body and mind.


About Chaga Mushrooms

Chaga, a Finnish favorite, doesn’t get as much attention as cordyceps and lion’s mane. Mushroom Chaga Coffee may support your immune system by having antioxidant properties. This is essential for heavy travelers.

Chaga mushrooms can be found in Ground Mushroom Coffee and Mushroom Coffee. Mushroom Coffee With Chaga & Cordyceps. Mushroom Coffee Latte With Lion’s Mane & Chaga.

Only high-quality mushroom extracts are used. Every batch is checked in a third-party lab for heavy metals and allergens.


Three benefits mushrooms bring to coffee.

Functional mushrooms offer many of the same health benefits as coffee. They have been shown to improve focus, energy, and overall well being. Additionally, they are rich in antioxidants that can support your immune system. Combining coffee and mushrooms makes them work well together while still tasting amazing.

Coffee and mushrooms are a match made in Heaven because functional mushrooms can protect the body from all of the negative effects of coffee. Coffee drinkers may enjoy the many benefits of mushrooms and coffee without having to suffer the negative effects. 

Here are some ways mushrooms can help counter the negative effects of coffee.

  1. Mushrooms may support digestion.

Prebiotics and polysaccharides found in mushrooms could contribute to healthy bacteria production. These beneficial bacteria aid the good bacteria in your gut in performing their jobs and make digestion easier.

  1. You can get less caffeine from mushroom coffee.

Are you looking to reduce your caffeine intake? You can cut down on your caffeine intake by choosing instant mushroom coffee. Instant mushroom coffee contains only 50 mg of caffeine, while a cup of brewed coffee contains 100 mg.

  1. Mushrooms may help with stress management

Chaga mushrooms are adaptogens that support the adrenal glands and help to reduce caffeine’s jitters side effects. Chaga mushrooms have adaptogenic properties that help you to combat occasional stress.



Both mushrooms and coffee are full of functional benefits that can support your overall health. Take the two together, and you will see the amazing benefits of mushroom coffee.