Motion Ninja MOD APK is a professional video editing app that’s completely free on mobile platforms. You will find that editing videos have never been this simple and fun.

Introduce about Motion Ninja

Post-production video on your phone like a pro

Edit video right on your Android phones

Besides pictures, videos and small videos is always an indispensable part to capture interesting moments in life. They are more vivid than pictures, simpler to shoot, and capable of capturing interesting movements that images can’t.

And everything gets even more exciting if post-production video editing can be done quickly right on your everyday mobile device without the hassle of complicated After Effect software on your PC.

Currently, on mobile phones and tablets, there are many video editors with cool styles and personalities. But in order to both satisfy aesthetics, good flexibility, quality finished products, especially highly personalized and completely free to use, currently no one can surpass Motion Ninja.

I temporarily call Motion Ninja a semi-professional video editor, because both professionals and amateurs can use it well and be satisfied with the output videos. You can use the powerful tools in Motion Ninja to make good trim for short mobile phone clips, or you can also create Hollywood-style movies to take it to the next level.

In Motion Ninja I will divide into two main groups of features so that people can see how big the coverage of Motion Ninja is, video editing from basic to complex, it’s all done and done well.

Basic video editing feature set in Motion Ninja

Motion Ninja, even on mobile platforms, has all the basic video editing tools everyone uses on PC software. For example, cut, copy, merge, adjust speed, extract audio from video, reverse image in frame … All just by touch and drag on the screen.

And you can even deeper intervene in each footage of the video such as: enlarge, shrink images, adjust brightness, contrast, add stickers, add effects for special footage …

In Motion Ninja, after the tasks are done, you can easily save them on your phone or in the cloud with different frame rates and resolutions such as 720p, 1080p, and 4K. Or you can even compress the file to store more. Or post to social networks specializing in videos such as Vimeo, YouTube, TikTok, Likee, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram …

But all the new tools mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg, 80% of the power you did not know about Motion Ninja is even more impressive.

Advanced video editing feature set

Including impressive functions such as Keyframe Animation, PIP, Transition, Chroma key, Special Mega Photo Effects … I will talk about each feature in detail to make it easier for you to choose.

Chroma Key & Green Screen

Motion Ninja is talking about this unique feature. When selecting the Chroma Key & Green Screen function, you will get detailed instructions before applying it specifically. This is a feature used to create a green background for video. And since then, the original background of the video has been replaced with many other backgrounds that are much more artistic and refined.

If you have a unique idea for the video, it will look like a true Hollywood work of art.

Specialized Ninja motion transition feature

One of the factors that measure the strength of a video editing tool is in the transitions and smooth, smooth transition effects, both creating excitement and creating a sense of continuity when watching clips.

In Motion Ninja, you have a total of more than 50 different transition effects such as Splice, Blur, Glitch, VHS, 3D … All the transitions you’ve ever seen in movies are here. Now we can only use creativity and imagination to let things fly so far.

Impressive effects available in the app library

From text sticker effects to borders are available and easily customized in Motion Ninja. Just click apply and you’re done, just like when editing the image on the phone. This built-in effect library is also updated daily to keep it fresh and engaging.

Image overlay is extremely beneficial

Each video clip has its own color tone to show the style of the worker, or the character’s mood or timing that the video wants to show. For the video to achieve those tones, a variety of color overlay techniques will be present in Motion Ninja. You just have to click, view the effects, and apply them to your video, in a flexible way each frame or timeline is different.

There are retro, fantasy, superhero, romantic, styles … for you. Everything is available.

Functions to adjust the audio in the video

Sound is an indispensable part of a video. On Motion Ninja has a music library with hundreds songs so you can optionally use it to insert your video.

You can even voice it yourself thanks to the built-in microphone feature in the app, or you can upload to the app a kind of sound collected from your phone or PC.

MOD APK version of Motion Ninja

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All the things from small to large will turn your video into a real work of art. With just one super simple and free app. Download Motion Ninja to use now!