British Columbia
Most Scenic Views of British Columbia

British Columbia may be known for its endless coastlines and great city living, but it’s far more than just that.  Delving deeper, these are the most scenic views of this province, and why anyone would be lucky to visit and take them in! 

Whistler National Park

Whistler National Park is a great space to visit for countless reasons.  It hosted the Olympics, it’s one of the top skiing resorts in the world: and it’s absolutely beautiful year-round. 

Whether you arrive in the spring as green pokes through the blankets of white snow or in the fall when the mountain is covered in an abundance of red and orange unlike anywhere else, Whistler will surprise and amaze you at every turn.  Although it can be expensive to vacation in, spending a weekend here is worth it since it’s home to views that can’t be found anywhere else.

Great Bear Rainforest

This rainforest isn’t what many expect, but it’s worth a second thought.  The Great Bear Rainforest is home to countless species that have been chased away from their natural habitats by human interference and now live peacefully in the wild.

Species like the extremely rare all-white Spirit Bear and coastline wolves call this rainforest home and get to enjoy the beautiful views at all times.  It’s completely safe to visit, and you can take in the endless trees and scenery as well!  Although it can get crowded in tour groups, it’s worth it to enjoy everything this city has to offer.


A city may not be what someone thinks of when they consider scenery: but don’t discount Vancouver!  This city sits between a gorgeous mountain range and the open water and has incredible architecture and art. 

Also known as Canada’s Hollywood and the tech hub of the country, Vancouver is built to be both beautiful and functional.  You can enjoy the parks within the city and take in the natural surroundings, or even enjoy the city skyline itself.  Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities on earth, so don’t be surprised if it lures you into looking at Vancouver homes for sale!

Haida Gwaii

Also known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, this archipelago off the western coast of British Columbia is home to gorgeous wildlife and greenery that makes it a breathtaking place to visit.

In addition, the endless rainforest, centuries-old totem poles, and last remains of the Haida Nation village make this an amazing space to visit and get to know.  With a fantastic mixture of nature and history, you’ll feel breathless at everything you learn and see here. 

Pacific Rim National Park

This national park is home to over 197 square miles of beautiful scenery and countless things to do.  From the beaches to the deep forests and the fun architecture in the small towns that call it home, most people leave feeling like they stepped into a different world.

Pacific Rim National Park is peaceful, quiet, and breathtaking.  Although the coasts can be rugged, and it’s all very natural, it’s still beautiful and fantastic to enjoy.