This article will provide information about the Moon Strawberry 202 and more details about the Buck lunar timings.

Are you aware that the moon looks like a fruit? Is it possible to find the exact time to see super moon 2022 on your computer? This article will provide all the details you need. This news has been a viral sensation in Canada, India, India, and the Philippines since the NASA statement on the super-moon.

Today’s article will discuss Moon Strawberry 202 in detail. For more information, please visit the blog.

Super Moon:

The Super Moon, also known by the Strawberry Moon, is created when the moon reaches 90° of perigee. This is the closest point to earth. It is quite rare and quite impressive to see it. However, the last supermoon was seen in June 2022. If you missed last month’s super-moon view, it is still a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of the super-moon again.

Yes, it is true. From 13th to 15th July 2022, the super full moon (or Moon Strawberry 20022) will take place again. The Buck Moon is also popular because this is the time when Bucks or male Deer antlers grow.

Timing the strawberry moon:

The super moon or full moon view is spectacular. It’s possible to view the moon again from 13 July 2022 for those who missed it. NASA states that the buck Moon can be seen between 13th and 15th of July 2022. It will last three days as Strawberry 2022 starts on Wednesday morning and ends on Friday morning. This year’s brightest moon will be this one, because the moon will not be far from the Earth.

Last year’s super moon was strawberry. This time, the super moon has been named the “buck moon” because of the new antlers on male deer. This amazing view is possible because it is when the earth’s farthest approach to sun is at aphelion. This is the time to see the super full Moon if you’ve missed it.

Additional details about Moon Strawberry 2022:

Last year’s super full moon was known as the strawberry moon. But this time, it is the buck lunar which was visible at 02:38 PDT on Wednesday 13th. The name “buck moon” comes from the period when the antlers of male bucks or deer rise.

The distance between earth and the buck Moon will be approximately 3,572,264 km

The closing statement:

The super full moon is a spectacular event that offers a breathtaking view of the moon. This article provides all the details. To find out more about buck Moon, please click this link .

This article provides all details regarding the Moon Strawberry 2022 as well as more information about the timing and location of the Buck moon.

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