Looking for skincare products but not sure where to start? This post will give you the best Mongant Gloves Reviews.

Are you looking for products that will improve the texture of your skin. You can find a lot of cosmetic products online that will improve your skin texture, whether you are looking for home remedies or professional products.

Now, we’re going to tell about Mongant. They claim to sell a variety skin products such as a scrubber or makeup remover. These items are available with a huge discount.

So, if you’re looking for the exact same, please read shopper Mongant Glove Reviews .

What Is Mongant Glove?

Mongant Glove has products related to skincare at half the price of real ones. To find out more, please visit the main page of the website. There are all policy details, so take the time to carefully read.

This page allows you to make payments in many different ways and currencies. You will find all information on the webpage. However, we recommend that you always check the website reality before making any purchase online: Is Mongantglove Legit Or a Scam? Let’s discuss in detail.

Specifications for Mongant Glove

You can read all the details and get every detail about the site.

  • The company address signifies that the location has already been shared on the site. e.g. Gotham Coworking Avenue d’Ouchyd’Ouchy 4, 1006 Lausanne SWITZERLAND
  • You can email us at the [email protected] address.
  • It has shared different email support for business purposes, i.e., [email protected].
  • The URL of the company website is https://mongant.com/.
  • We cannot call them directly because there is no phone number.
  • It has traffic on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. We discovered it via a search.
  • Shopper’s Mongant Glove reviews can be seen on the social networking website. There is also a 3.3 star rating on Trust Pilot.
  • After placing your order you can pay the amount online with PayPal, VISA and Mastercard.
  • The company currently offers almost half off the range.
  • It is safe and secure. It is secure and has SSL integrations as well as HTTPs certificates.
  • You may return the items within 14 business days of them reaching you.
  • You will be charged shipping fees, but with very limited terms and conditions.


  • It has activity on social networking sites, thus being popular and getting publicity.
  • People shared their Mongant Glove Reviews experiences on trusted websites like trustpilot, social networking, etc.
  • All communication mediums were mentioned, except for the web site’s contact number.
  • This section provides various payment methods.
  • The portal guarantees 100% security.

  • It is only claiming very few items.
  • The website’s content is not visible. We cannot see the images or the policies.

Is Mongant glove Legit or a Scam

  • The website was first created last year on 22/06/2021.
  • It will be closing soon on 22/06/2022.
  • It enjoys a high trust score on the internet.
  • The trust score of the company on the Internet is extremely low, i.e. only 8%
  • We don’t have any information on the owner of the company so we are not able to confirm the name and age of the founder.
  • It is active on Facebook and other social media.
  • You can see the feedback of the trust pilot with a rating 3.3 stars.
  • The content of the portal is extremely poorly managed. You can see the lines, and images are hidden.

It seems a bit suspicious. You should read all feedback before you pay. Also, make sure to review all features.

User’s Mongant Glide Reviews

It offers skin-related products at a discounted price, including a scrubber and makeup remover.

We look for feedback from previous customers. To do this, we go to the verified portal. From there, we collect the output on social media. Reviews are often mixed so it is important to read them all before buying.


Finally, we realized that the portal would soon close. We also noticed products such as skincare items. Shoppers’ Mongant glove reviews visible at many podiums. The website’s legitimacy has been questioned. The website’s legitimacy has been questioned. Information on how to avoid credit card scams

Do you have any Mongant experience? If you answered yes to the above question, please leave your comments in the chat area.