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You’re not too far off the mark if the word “hard money loan” conjures up images of swift and simple commercial transactions that result in “cold, hard cash.” However, just because this kind of loan offers quick funding doesn’t mean it’s a solid, secure choice for everyone. 

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What Is Hard Money Lending?

A short-term loan known as “hard money lending” is one that is obtained from private investors or people and may have stricter terms than a conventional loan. 

Key Tips Of Money Lending Companies

  • Hard money loans, which come from individuals or businesses rather than banks, are frequently utilized for real estate transactions. 
  • A hard money loan is a rapid approach to borrowing capital, but it comes with a greater fee and a lower LTV ratio.
  • Because hard money loans rely on collateral rather than the applicant’s financial position, the funding time frame is shorter.
  • It’s common for lenders and borrowers to negotiate the terms of hard money loans. Usually, the property is used as collateral for these loans.
  • Despite the borrower’s default, the lender may still turn a profit by collecting the collateral.

Benefits :

Securing financing with a hard money broker offers you a number of benefits, including:


It is quick because you can obtain a loan in several days or weeks (depending on negotiations). Large development projects require a lot of time, and financing strategies can hasten that process.


They allow for negotiating terms because you are working with individual investors directly. Banks are less adaptable.


They use the actual property as security for the loan. Some lenders often take other assets as collateral for a loan, such as a retirement account or a home that is registered in your name.

No “Red Tape”

It’s challenging, if not impossible, to obtain a typical mortgage to finance an investment property. Traditional borrowers must be concerned with their credit scores, LTV ratios, debt-to-income ratios, and a number of other indicators for which they must meet requirements. 


There is merit in closing with cash, despite its convenience. It might become burdensome and drain your focus and energy to have to give lenders bank statements, proof of income, tax returns, and leases. 

They eliminate the middleman and most of the hassles.


Thanks to hard money lenders, investors can use other people’s money as leverage. Therefore, it is possible for investors to support multiple deals simultaneously. Traditional loans won’t accomplish this. 

Competitive Edge

They enable the investors to outperform rivals, or at the very least those who use conventional loans. If nothing else, they deliver cash and a speedy transaction, which are the two things that sellers appreciate.

About Hard Money University

Rod Stanback is the founder, CEO and sole owner of Hard Money University and Flip Funding, a direct hard money lender formed in 2013. Flip Funding provides capital to real estate investors for fix and flip, rental and new construction projects.

Flip Funding is one of the top hard money lenders in the United States, with over half a billion dollars in loans closed.

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