Monamint Reviewed has reviewed a portal selling air fresheners online and shared its analysis with online buyers.

Are you searching for an Air Freshener that will keep passengers and yourself hydrated for the entire journey? Monamint is an Air Freshener that has a unique smell and helps you to feel happy while driving. This little gift can also be gifted, according to reviews.

Monamint has few products at the moment, but customers in the United States seem to be satisfied with it. This website has more information.

What does the Monamint Com website look like?

Monamint was an ecommerce portal that launched a few month ago to sell air-freshener devices online. It is hard to tell if the company makes the product or just trades it.

The MRP of the product differs from the selling price. It can therefore be assumed that the device may be being sold at a reduced price. The product is identical but it is offered in four different colours on the website: red, blue, black, and silver. Let’s take a look at Monamint Legit!

Specification for This Website:

  • Domain
  • Website address –
  • Email address- [email protected]
  • Physical Address– 7 SW 7th St. Miami FL 33130, United States
  • Contact number – Not given
  • NewsletterAvailable
  • Delivery policy – Delivery time within the country is seven days
  • Return policy30 day after product receipt
  • Payment Method –Credit & Debit Cards
  • Refund email address – [email protected]

Let’s now review some crucial positive and adverse points in order to determine the most important legitimacy factors.

Pros for Monamint Portal:

  • The standard delivery time in the nation is also seven days.
  • Monamint Reviews believes that shoppers will benefit from a 10% newsletter subscription discount.
  • Customers are given enough time to review the refund policy and make a decision about returns.
  • For the buyer, there are three options: email address, newsletter and refund mail address

Cons Of Monamint Online Store:

  • The contact number for this online retailer is unavailable.
  • It has a low trust ranking and index rating.
  • Portal has a low Alexa rank.
  • Our team could not verify this physical address.
  • These reviews are not available on the neutral review website.

Is Monamint Legit?

This review section provides all the facts regarding this online store. This data can help people make purchasing decisions. Online shoppers should also use the data below as an information tool.

  • Trust score: This domain has a trust score at 2%. This is an indication that the website may be suspicious.
  • Domain age: It is only three months old (March 2022).
  • Alexa ranking: Web portal Alexa gave this store a 2419278 ranking, which indicated low traffic to its site.
  • Domain expiry — This domain will expire March 2, 2023.
  • Plagiarism- The text, images and URLs appeared to have been taken from a suspicious website.
  • Trust index – Monamint Reviewed trust index is 42.8%. This index is very low for any legitimate site.
  • Social media platform – We could not find any social media accounts for this store and this website has no social media link.
  • Customer reviews – We are unable to find customer feedback for the air freshener devices on well known review sites. There are some reviews on the company site, but it’s difficult for us to be sure of their authenticity.
  • Physical address – Although we can verify the address given by the company, it is impossible to verify and the possibility of it being fake cannot be discounted.
  • Owners Details: The name and details for the owner of the portal are not displayed on any page.

Customers’ feedback

Monamint Review are not currently available. as this website was only 3 months old, it is unlikely that as a public review site for air fresheners has any Monamint reviews. You can find reviews on the website for the product, with most of them giving it 5-star ratings. It’s hard to believe that these reviews are real, since they could be fake.

This website lacks genuine reviews. Beware of scammers who claim to have made your PayPal payments . You can get your money back.

Final Verdict:

Many of the parameters of this website, including domain age, trust score and low customer reviews, are against it. Monamint Comments cautions the customer against this online store. It could be a Scam.

Have you purchased products from this website? If you have any experience with this website, please share it in our comment section. Learn how to get your credit card refunded.