Are you searching for latest designs in rug? Are you planning to purchase them online? Here’s the article to answer your questions about the new website

Moacea is an United States-based company which claims to offer carpets and other products that are custom-designed at a low cost. The trendy and fashionable prints might entice you on the internet However, it’s important to verify the legitimacy of the site.

Check out Moacea reviews to learn more about the site before you decide to spend your hard-earned cash online. Be sure to keep an eye on it!

About is an online retailer that offers printed or customized rug designs that can be customized or printed. The extensive product catalog include printed cups and t-shirts tanks, hoodies, tops, and shoes. Each item is designed and made to order and the team that manufactures them ensures top quality.

The site offers reasonable rates that people typically seek, as well as a variety of savings offers for customers are offered.

Have you heard of Moacea before? Are you confused about is Moacea legit or a fraud? If so, read on for the legit Checkpoints below.

Specifications of This Website

  • Website –
  • Established on – 12/05/2021
  • Working till – 12/05/2022
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Physical address for the business is 2408 Main St, Forest Grove, OR 97116.
  • Contact number not mentioned
  • Time to ship – within 7 business days
  • Delivery time: domestic with 7 business days, and international, with 10-14 business day.
  • Return policy – The company will allow 30 days to return the item.
  • Refund policy: Once the item is received and the refund check is completed within 3-4 days of the initial mode.
  • Payment – PayPal, Visa Card, American Express and Master Card.
  • Sharing links to social media available.

Read on Moacea Review to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the website prior to placing your order.

Pros of

  • The site is functional with an authentic HTTPS connection.
  • The address and email address can be obtained by customers to reach personnel directly.
  • Customer service for the company is available from 9 am until 5 pm.

Cons of

  • There is no phone number on the website.
  • The website does not currently have active social media profiles.
  • Both the trust score and rank are both not as high.
  • There is no satisfactory customer feedback available on the internet.
  • The website doesn’t share images of the products.
  • The duplicate content can be located in the policy description.
  • The page about us does not contain any valid details about the business.
  • The information like the address isn’t valid.

Is Moacea Legit?

Before putting your faith in a new website, it is crucial to scrutinize the legitimacy of all factors to avoid money-losing fraudsters.

  • Domain age Domain age The date of the domain’s creation and time frame are crucial to build trust. According to research, the domain has been active for the past seven months.
  • Trust Index –trust index of is only 8%. lower score, which increases the risk.
  • Trust Ranking Trust Rank the site is at 42.2 in the ranking in the top 100.
  • Contact Information Contact Information the website shares only the email address and address on the official site. There is no number for direct contact with the business. In addition, according to study, the address appears to be to be in error.
  • Moacea Review Moacea Reviewsonly 1 negative feedback can be found on the most reliable review platform.
  • Social Media –the site doesn’t share any direct links to visit the social media sites. So, the website has no social media presence.
  • PlagiarismBased on the study, the site contains 75% of the content copied from the policies and on the about the us page. Additionally, the design and content are like other scam websites, according to a claim made by a user as well.

After having read all the security factors, the website isn’t suitable for use. So, it’s clear that the website appears to be a fraud.

Moacea Review of the Moacea Users

Reviewing customer reviews is a must prior to purchasing anything on the internet. According to study, there’s just one review that is negative on the internet.

The comment section states that the site is a complete scam , and similar websites with different names but similar outlooks are also found.

Therefore, expecting to receive the most valuable products from is a possibility. A site like this could cause you to be a victim of fraudulent use of credit cards.

The Final Verdict

Moacea Reviewshares all the details about the site and the policies customers should be aware of. It is a United States-based site is not a legitimate and could be a fraud online website.

A low trust score as well as an unfavourable review are enough to dispel the fog.