Are you contemplating buying tops and bottoms for an affordable price? Please consider the reasons you should consider this website. United States youths are looking for this site to purchase the items.

We typically choose top-quality and brand-name clothing to avoid itchy skin when we visit the market. Furthermore, the best clothes offer other advantages like their color won’t alter when washed compared to local brands.

In this article we’ll help you aware of a website as we verify its legitimacy. So, please stay with for the article about Review of Mixiedress to stay on guard.

Explaining The Portal

According to their website, their primary goal is on creating durable designs that are durable for their customers. They also change their designs according to the latest fashions while maintaining the product’s high quality.

In addition, they claimed to make use of materials such as Tencel, Linen, etc. which will increase the quality and durability of the item. On this website we’ve seen women’s clothes, such as

Digging More Details Of The Website

  • The site was registered for registration just 25 days ago, which puts the date of its birth as 09-01-2022.
  • The icons for social media are distributed to track- is Mixiedress legit?
  • We’ve been noticing the existence of the newsletter service.
  • The women’s clothing items such as tops are displayed.
  • The timing of the refund is not marked.
  • In the seven-day period following date of receipt, you may make an appeal to a return.
  • The number for the phone is missing in the web portal.
  • The exchange will be granted upon meeting their criteria.
  • With PayPal or credit cards or credit cards, you can complete an online transaction.
  • The delivery policy has not been properly stated.
  • We have kept the email addresses, i.e., [email protected].
  • They design and build models at Guangzhou, China, and Seoul, South Korea.
  • The Mixiedress Reviews highlighted that the website’s URL is
  • The process of shipping will take about a week.

Positive Pointers of The Site

  • Email addresses are listed.
  • They are used to describe the social icons.
  • The site offers a variety of deals.
  • Through the portal, reviews are published.
  • The newsletter service is available.

How Is Broken?

  • Many policies are not written properly.
  • The trust rank is not available.
  • Its trust score is 22 1.
  • The phone number as well as the location of the company are not available.
  • There are no Trustpilot responses are available to verify the truth of the site.

Is Mixiedress Legit ?

  • Domain’s Year of Creation– The website’s registration date is 09-01-2022. This means that it’s just 25 days old.
  • Alexa Ranking-We have not retained any values associated with it.
  • Trust Ranking The value isn’t accessible.
  • Customer OpinionUsers have their feedbacks available on the website, and users have expressed their opinions about the product. On their Instagram page, some users have raised questions regarding the product and the company’s executives have responded to them. However, over Trustpilot we did not receive any responses. Additionally, despite having an account on Facebook but it didn’t display significant activity.
  • The Owner’s NameAs per reviews of Mixiedress there are no clues to the name of the founder are found.
  • Credibility ScoreA score of 2% or less of 2% is achieved.
  • Social Media ConnectionsWe saved the icons of various social media. However, none operated. But, inside our portal, we found its official name, and through it we located its Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Address Reality– On the site the correct address information isn’t listed.
  • The expiry date of the site isThe portal is valid until 09-01-2023.
  • PoliciesThe majority of the information on policies is not available.
  • Copyrighted ContentThe content is a copycat of other fraudulent portals.

Consumers’ Mixiedress Reviews

When we looked for credible sources like Trustpilot We found no results. But, fake reviews can be posted on its official website that we cannot discern the truth. The Facebook page hasn’t had many posts. On Instagram we’ve seen some clients’ questions about the items on the list and, upon reply to them, the website responds in a manner that is appropriate. However it is important to note that the Instagram comments do not mean anything about the content of the website.

Based on a variety of factors and being a newly created site, we consider suspicious.


This Mixiedress Review article, we’ve carefully analyzed the website in order to understand it fully. Furthermore, the Facebook as well as its the Instagram page and Facebookpage don’t have any details related regarding the quality of the product and we are unable to determine its true nature.