The guide contains information about to aid players determine if it’s the right answer.

What is your response to Wordle #402 on 26 July 2022 Many players in the United Kingdom , Australia, New Zealand and India had already answered Wordle 402.

Wordle #402 invites players guess a five -letter word ending in NCH. Many players have been able to guess the correct answer while others have misjudged the word, MINCH. Many players have gone online to search for the right answer, or if MINCH is a false guess. Mistake Wordle is an incorrect guess that has no association to the game.

What does Wordle Minch mean?

Wordle Minch has become the online term of choice for Wordle Players. Wordle #402, which was published on 26 July 2022, asked players for a five-letter word ending in NCH. Many players correctly predicted a five letter word ending with NCH.

After extensive research, it has been determined that the MINCH isn’t the correct answer for Wordle #402. Many players mistakenly thought that the answer was NCH as the answer to Wordle #402. MINCH is a very popular word online.

Is There a Minch Game in Existence?

We haven’t found any games with the name “MINCH.” However it is a trending term online, as many players are guessing Minch as Wordle #402. The correct answer is CINCH.

Because of the requirement to guess a five -letter word ending in NCH, many players guessed MINCH. Players guessed MINCH and it became a popular term.

However, the word MINCH has not been associated with Wordle. Furthermore, after evaluating, there is no Minch Game available online. It is important not to confuse the term MINCH with CINCH. This is Wordle #402’s correct answer, and was released on 26th July 2022.

What Is the Right Answer to Wordle #404?

Wordle #402: The correct five-letter word and the answer are published. Players have already solved the question by guessing the five-letter word. There are clues that will help you guess the right solution.

  • The word begins with C, and ends with NCH.
  • The word is composed of one vowel as well as one repetition.
  • It’s not difficult to find the meaning of the word.

CINCH is CINCH for Wordle #402. This means that it is an easy task. Misunderstood Wordle has no connection to the daily riddle. Therefore, today’s riddle will not reward players who guessed MINCH as the correct answer is CINCH.


Wordle a riddle game which releases new riddles each day. On July 26th, riddle #402 appeared. This riddle asks players to guess a five -letter word ending in NCH. CINCH was the answer. Some players were wrong though, and some guessed MINCH.

Wordle , which is incorrectly spelled , has no association to the riddle. It is becoming a popular word because many people have used it to solve Wordle #402.

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