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Mike Bossy, his name alone reveals how great this NHL player was. This man didn’t give up, even though his career went through highs and lows. Mike Bossy was a true legend, as we all know. How can we forget his heroic role as New York Islander Player in winning four consecutive Stanley Cups? Are you aware about his many achievements? If not, let us know below.

This NHL player has a large following in Canadaand United States. We will be talking Mike Bossy Draft today. You can read more about it in the article.

Hall of Fame of Mike Bossy

We all know Mike Bossy, the crucial role he played in helping New York Islanders win their Four back to back Stanley Cups in early 1980s. In the NHL, this man is known as a legend.

New York drafted Mike Bossy, 15th overall, in the NHL draft in 1977. Mike was an NHL player when he began his career. His team won the Calder Memorial Trophy in 1977.

Also, as per Mike Bossy published by New York, Mike won the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy. It was only given to extreme sportsmanship players. His 10 years of service in Islanders saw him help them reach the playoffs every season, winning four Stanley Cup championships back-to-back.

Mike Bossy:

Michael Dean Bossy was born in 1956 and is an iconic Canadian NHL (National Hockey League) player. This Player has been at their highest during his career. He was a vital player for Islanders. According to the Mike Bossy issued to New York, Mike used be a right-winger. In his 10 years of Islanders career, he helped to win multiple championships. The Stanley Cup Championship is just one example.

Mike bossy was included on the tournament’s first All-Star roster. He was also one of two players who won the Stanley Cup two times and the only Player who won it four times. Mike Bossy remained at the top of the league’s scorers. And holds the record of having the third-highest number of points in one season. Mike scored 573 goal in approximately 752 games. Each game averaged 0.76 goals.

Reasons of Death according to Mike Bossy draft:

Mike was the highest goal scorer in 1970s. According to the latest reports Mike Bossy’s team announced Friday that he had died from Lung Cancer. Hearing this news, the NHL world sent their condolences for Bossy’s family.


It’s disturbing news. The whole NHL is up in arms after hearing this shocking news. For more information about Mike Bossy, please click this link.

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