What is Mikasa? What is All-Star Tower Defense? What exactly is Mikasa employed for within the game?

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What is Astd?

All-star Tower Defense is a game developed by Roblox. It is a tower defense game , but quite different from regular game of tower defense. This game’s characters are based on comic book characters.

Thus, players can pick their favorite character to take on. They can choose from a wide range of characters from comics’ principal lead, to villains. They also have comic book characters like Demon Slayer and One Piece.

The players seem to appreciate this new feature to the game. Players must be able to be able to play the game in order to get the maximum number of episodes.

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More Details On The Game

  • The game features two modes: infinite and story mode.
  • The rules of games are:
  • Players should avoid getting villains on higher levels or tiers.
  • It is helpful to discuss any disagreements so that you can prevent disagreements from taking place.
  • Players don’t grieve (Irrelevant jokes could be viewed as grief)
  • The most important thing to remember is it’s a social game and the players must respect one another’s views.

There’s the S+ tier that aids in reaching the top level in infinite mode. This will allow you to get at the top of the heap, regardless of whether you’re not able.

Mikasa Astd

  • Mikasa or called Akasa is a unit concept. The requirements of this concept are:
  • Mikasa is for 725$.
  • The damage or bleeding it causes is 23. Spa: 3 and Range: 10.
  • It was upgraded four times.
  • The first upgrade will cost $320. Damage 38, Range: 16. Spa as normal
  • The second upgrade is priced at $450. Damage is 73, range 19 and Spa as normal.
  • The third upgrade is for 660dollars. Damage:90, Range: 25 and Spa: 3.
  • The fourth upgrade costs 2500 dollars. Damage: 290, Range: 34, and Spa: 2.
  • Titan slayer can be added for around 30 minutes.

Mikasa astdcan also be referred to as an action or a unit damage concept. We have provided all the details listed in the list above. These facts were compiled through thorough and extensive study of the subject. We hope that readers can benefit from these facts useful.


Many people enjoy the game due to its distinct characters. But, the game is primarily a tower defense. Roblox has always made games that are distinctive and has presented something unique.