Wheels are the most important part of every vehicle, especially when we talk about automobiles like the jeep. Any vehicle would require quality wheels that can support its build, but with jeeps having the right wheels is a whole new game. You would be surprised how Method Wheels and other variants of racing car wheels can make a difference to the driving experience of jeep owners. A lot of people believe that those gaudy wheels of jeeps are just for aesthetic purposes, but it’s not true. Accessories like fuel rims and tires play a huge role in making the driving experience smoother and are not just all about aesthetics.

When it comes to jeep wheels, rims and tires, there are many great options available in the market. With a lot of scope for customization, the sport vehicle enthusiasts often go above and beyond to find the right match for their mean machine. Method race wheels are one of the best variants of sport utility vehicle wheels that can give your jeep great aesthetics, and enhance the overall performance. Here are a few reasons why they have gained so much popularity in the off-roading vehicle accessories market.


You don’t just drive your jeep on roads that are smooth and obstruction-free. Many jeep owners love to drive through rough terrains in search of adventure, and a lot of them stay in areas that one can simply not navigate without sturdy wheels. Method Wheels are an embodiment of sturdiness and are engineered to make your driving experience smooth, even on the roughest roads. Whether you are a professional racer or adventurer, these wheels are quite reliable and durable, which is why buying them is certainly money well spent.


Racing jeeps look huge and heavy, but do you know the wheels are not as heavy as they look? The wheels of racing jeeps should be light for optimal performance, especially when you are driving your jeep at a speed that can cost you a speeding ticket in urban areas. Method Wheels are light and add less weight to the already heavy and huge jeep, which is why professional racers vouch for them. The reduced weight of wheels doesn’t just improve the performance but also makes your vehicle more fuel-efficient. Overall, these lightweight wheels offer a plethora of benefits and are surely worth the investment.


If you have a racing jeep then you definitely need Method Wheels. These wheels have proved to be a winner in multiple motorsports disciplines and are a favorite amongst racing enthusiasts all across the world. The sturdy design and lightweight are two major features that make them apt for high-speed motor racing sports. So if you are a racing enthusiast, these jeep wheels would never disappoint you when it comes to performance, durability, and speed. They can easily go from 0 to 100 in a few seconds and can deal with extreme heat and friction, without getting significantly damaged during your racing expeditions.

Engineered To Perfection

The best thing about owning Method Wheels is that they are engineered for high-performance, maximum speed, and have been tested in different environments. So you can rest assured that buying them would never feel like a hasty decision. The manufacturer removed excessive material while making sure that maximum strength is maintained. These wheels have the highest certified load ratings and are up to 4,500 lbs. in weight. One of the most famous models that many racing enthusiasts prefer is MR106, which is 3600 lbs. in weight. Apart from all this, these wheels are built for racing and have proved their mettle in multiple motorsports.

Despite, so much competition Method Wheels have aced the game when it comes to off-roading wheels. They come inside a perfect packaging that protects them from damage that can be caused due to mishandling during transportation. In fact, both the outer and inner lips of these wheels are covered with plastic rings that work as a shield against potential damage.
One of the most preferred model of these wheels, which is MR106 wheels are fabricated with the solid A356 aluminum alloy. This material has great machining characteristics and offers amazing casting. After casting these wheels, the manufacturer uses its proprietary heat-treating method that helps give them a great weight to strength ratio. Lastly, the forged 6061 beadlock rings are added to make these wheels extremely durable and resistant to damage caused by excessive wear and tear. So, if you are thinking about new jeep wheels, then do consider this variant. Method Wheels can certainly make your racing experience smoother and safer.