This article will give you detailed information about Meteoric Ore Blade Ring. We’ll also show you where to find it.

Elden ringgame Worldwide players want to find out the details and methods of obtaining the meteoricore blade. Don’t worry if your are one of them. You have come to the right place.

Today’s post will be about the Meteoric Ore Blade Ring. We will also discuss all the unique features that this blade has. We’ll also discuss where this blade is located and how players can access it. To find out more information about this meteoric blade, you should keep your eyes focused.

Details about The Meteoric Blade

The meteoric sword is a special weapon for katana in the Elden game. With ordinary Gravitas skill, this weapon can quickly slash large areas and cause major damage. This weapon requires intelligence 18, strength 15, & dexterity14 stats. Based on Elden RingMeteoric Orebla ‘s overall stats, is considered an Stier weapon.

The meteoric sword can be found in the beginning stages of the game. This weapon boasts a high stat in magical and physical attacks. It is based on base 112 and 72. The second-best base damage in all of the games. Apart from the excellent attack stats, this blade also has good guarding stats. It can defend against attacks of any kind with a base of 50 in physical attack or 45 in magic attack. Later in this article we’ll learn where to locate the meteoric knife.

Where can I find a Meteoric Ore blade Ring?

To make it easy to understand, we have listed all of the steps you need to take to reach the meteoric knife. Follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • To begin, travel north towards the storm gate to reach the shack Of Warmaster.
  • After that, move towards the northeast to reach the catacomb.
  • Cross the bridge and move in the East direction.
  • Follow the path to the village of summoning the water.
  • You will then need to continue northeast to reach Smoldering.
  • Continue on following the direction to reach the Caelid Waypoint.

When you reach the caelid ruins, you can find the Meteoric Ore Blade Ring. Once you reach the ruins you must descend into a basement where you can fight the prawn miner and unlock the treasure box to claim your meteoric sword.

Capabilities of The Meteoric Blade

Gravitas is an unusual ability granted to meteoric blades. This ability can be used to make a gravity well on top of the earth. This gravity well allows for high-level damage to be dealt with and can draw in enemies.


This article is about the Meteoric Ore Blade Ring. This blade is a special weapon in the Elden ring game. We hope that you found enough information about this blade in our article. Click to see more information about the Elden ring game .

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