Are you interested in investing in a brand-new NFT? MetaTravelers NFT was launched on 19th November 2021 , in the United States. Did you realize the 7777 Avatars from MetaTravelers had been purchased in less than 15 minutes of the sale going live? MetaTravelers are 3D artwork created by artists who want to create the Metaverse.

Do you want to learn more and understand more about MetaTravelers NFT? Do you want to read this article that provides comprehensive details on Meta Travelers NFT? Meta Travelers NFT?

About Meta Travelers:

The NIBIRU Volume 1 of MetaTravelers comprises seven 777 Avatars that belong to the Nibiru that are sold on Ethereum conforming to the ERC-721 standard. MetaTravelers is a wearable 3D Avatars that are part of a game, which creates random traits which are shared by the entire collection. MetaTravelers NFT is an access key to detach from gamified experiences within the Metaverse, discord channels, and upcoming events.

In collaboration with developers, artists, as well as creators MetaTravelers NFT will create the world of guilds that comprise Theora along with the Nova. The two guilds are scheduled to begin in 2022 with the next edition of Meta Travelers NFT. Each guild will have an exclusive collection of Meta Travelers with long-distance experience.

Meta Travelers Founder

The identity of the man who started the NFT is not made available to the general public.

What is the process by which this NFT function?

The wearable Avatars can be created for the profit of Somnium Space, Decentraland, and many more.

MetaTravelers guilds operate separately initially but eventually benefit from each other in the course of time as Meta Travelers communities grow, work together, form a huge network across the Metaverse and engage in competition.

Since the MetaTravelers NFT was launched four days ago, the market’s detailed figures are yet to be announced. But, we have the following data.

Meta Travelers NFT Price:

  • Price – 0.09 ETH
  • Price in USD – $371.56
  • 24H AVERAGE PRICE – 0.1585 ETH
  • 24H VOLUME – 107.32
  • 24H MINTS – 3,482
  • 24H SALES – 677
  • NFTs bought in the in the last 7 days – 1,259
  • Trading volume last 7 days – $758k
  • Average price last 7 days – $602
  • Total Supply – 7777

Price prediction:

The price forecasts are being sought by experts since MetaTravelers NFT was launched four days ago.

How to buy MetaTravelers NFT?

  • Log in to the details of your MetaMask wallet.
  • You can fund your MetaMask wallet using the cryptocurrency ETH. ETH is needed to purchase MetaTravelers NFT
  • Join to your MetaMask Wallet on to begin the purchase NFT from Meta Travelers
  • Click the Buy button
  • There will be a message within your MetaMask wallet to confirm your purchase MetaTravelers NFT.


1Q. Which is the officially authorized MetaTravelers NFT address to buy?

1 Ans. The official Contract Address to buy MetaTravelers NFT is 0x5372f926b34Be60aC1436372107C3eE8c6e056E5


The 10 percent in MetaTravelers NFT in the last seven days were sold for at minimum $541. The other 90 percent of MetaTravelers NFT were sold for minimum $693. So, the median price of the MetaTravelers NFT ranges from $586 to $591. Because the concept of virtual Artworkis still in its infancy and not yet fully developed, we suggest that you be patient and watch the Meta Travelers NFTmarket developments before making a decision to invest.