Are you searching for an investment management software that could provide direction to the industry? If yes, then do not fret. Merrill Lynch in the United States is one of the most famous American-based investment management companies.

This article about Merrill Lynch Google Reviews will inform you about reviews and publicity on various Google sites. Additionally, you’ll know about the company’s position and what it’s doing. Also, make sure to go through this article.

What’s Merrill Lynch?

Merrill Lynch is an American company that specializes in investment management. It was established 108 years ago on the 6th of January 14th, 1914. The company’s founders were Merrill Lynch, Edmund C. Lynch along with Charles E. Merrill. The corporate headquarters of the company is within New York, USA, at 250 Vesey Street. This is a wealth-management firm and a subsidiary that is part of BOA (Bank of America). Over 14,000 finance staff are employed by this firm.

Merrill Lynch Google Reviews

The business has been in operation for more than 108 years, but do you think it is heading towards the correct direction? What are the opinions posted by the most reputable websites on this site? Learn about the reviews for this company on this page. The company has received different reviews from various websites.

  • According to this website of consumer advocacy this site received 3.7/5 scores.
  • The Investopedia website on Google scored this site with 4.1/5.
  • Based on Forbes Advisor, the company was awarded 2.9 out of five ratings.

This is a reliable business if you require assistance from a financial adviser. But, according to Merrill Lynch Google Reviews If you require advice on investing and the setting the business up You can contact the brokers and their branches have been established across the world.

Transfer of Merrill Lynch to Bank of America

At first the company was run exclusively through Merrill and Edmund, but what was the reason they sold this business in the first place to Bank of America? The answer can be found here. The company was faced with a major loss and lost faith in Merrill’s solvency. The inability to refinance obligations of the money market led to the sale of the Merrill Lynch company to Bank of America.

Our study of Merrill Lynch Google Reviews revealed they were Lehman brothers were facing severe liquidity stress on September 8th the 8th of September, 2008. The Lehman brothers’ survival was difficult and, finally, in September 14th, 2008 Bank of America announced the acquisition of Lynch business for $38.25 billion.

Earnings from Merrill Lynch

According to data from 2012, the earnings of Merrill was US $13.8 billion. It has risen by a significant amount until 2022. The net profit for Merrill Lynch was 290,000,000 US dollars in 2012. The total assets of Merrill Lynch are calculated as US $603,000,000,000.


On the basis of Merrill Lynch Google Reviews We discovered that the company is an excellent financial advisor, and their ratings are acceptable. Furthermore their net income is growing with time.