This Mercari Store reviews report will show you the legitimacy, pros and cons of this website.

Do you like to thrift store? Are you looking to sell your unwanted products at a thrift shop? If so, then the Mercari store in the United StatesJapan is for you. Mercari makes it possible for customers to sell or buy almost anything. It’s a great tool for customers who don’t like to purchase expensive products.

We will be discussing all details regarding the website in this Mercari Store reviews post. Stay connected to find out more about this website.


Mercari is an online marketplace where customers can buy and sell products. Customers can either buy used products at a lower cost or sell their products. Both buyers and sellers benefit from this. They sell many different products. Below are some of their products:

  • Tops, T-shirts and more
  • Athletic apparel
  • Shoes
  • Plush toys and stuffed animals
  • Video games and consoles
  • Seasonal decor
  • Vintage and collectibles
  • Electronics
  • Handbags

Find out more about Is Mercari Legit. Customers may consider Mercari safe as it is a well-known website. Users should make sure that they are secure before buying anything from any website. Customers should take the necessary steps to prevent fraudulent activity, such as not sharing personal data to untrusted websites. This post will give you all the information that could save you from being tricked.

Characteristics Mercari Shop

  • URL: Purchase and sell products from
  • Address: PO Box 60178 Palo Alto, CA 94306
  • Contact number (415) 800-1078
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Reviews Mercari Store Reviews We found many great Mercari Store reviews at the official website. Customers seemed to love their products.
  • Return Policy: Buyers may return the product within 72hrs of delivery
  • Policy on Refunds: The refund policy is that all refunds are processed within 3 Business Days
  • Shipping policy The products are shipped within 3 days
  • The payment policy is only available through PayPal

Positive Points

  • It is possible to find the location and phone number of your shop.
  • The shop also includes the email address.
  • They provide excellent services in the areas of purchase and sales.


  • Shops only accept one method of payment

Is Mercari Legit?

Mercari makes it possible to sell products that are no more in use or unused. Customers can also buy products at a reduced rate through Mercari. This website will appeal to thrift-lovers. Before using the website, customers need to be aware of all details. Here are some authenticity details about the website:

  • Website creation: Mercari has been created since 16 July 2004. This website is 18 years-old and can be trusted
  • Registrar MarkMonitor Inc. served as the registrar for Mercari
  • Trust Score: Mercari’s trust index is excellent at 99%
  • Buyers feedback: The shop’s amazing Mercari Store reviews are available on its official website. Customers seemed to love the shop’s services, giving 5 stars to almost every product.
  • Social Media Accounts: This page has fewer reviews.
  • Privacy Policy: The website layout includes all policies, such as return and refund policies, shipping policies, and privacy policy.
  • Missing: We have all the information you need. You can find all information about policy and contact details on the official website.

Mercari Store Reviews

Mercari looks like a legit website since it includes the phone number and email address for the shop. You can also find glowing reviews on the official site. These services are extraordinary because they allow sellers to sell products that have not been used and buyers can also get amazing products at a much lower rate. There were very few reviews on the website’s social media pages. Online reviews for this website were mixed. You can review details at credit-card scams.

Final Summary

Ending this post on Mercari Store reviews, I can conclude that Mercari has a great website. It is quite old and has mixed reviews. It also offers excellent services. This website is for people who enjoy thrifting. This website appears legitimate. To avoid PayPal scammers, you can also check the following.

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