Jewellery is a girl’s best friend. It is also one of the best options to gift someone. Multiple websites offer a variety of options for jewellery. However, this also makes it easy for scammers and hackers to trick people into buying their products.

Today’s website review will be Measts of the United States. This website allows you to buy jewellery. To determine if it is genuine or fraudulent, we will give you a detailed look at Measts Review.

A Gist About the Measts Website

Measts is an internet jewellery company that is currently popular in the United States. You can find a variety of necklaces and jewellery at reasonable prices, ranging from $30.99 up to $63.99. The website was also developed in May 2022 which is quite recent.

It is important to verify that the price tag is legitimate. We decided to share our knowledge with you to help you determine Is this legitt scam. Below are detailed analyses.

Specifications for Measts Website

Here are the main characteristics of this website:

  • Website link –
  • Products Offerings – Necklace in Titanium Steel, Pearls, Alloy, Multi-layer Necklaces, Hip-Hop Necklaces, etc.
  • Contact Number – Customers can call +1 (408) 647-5702
  • Email ID – Contact them at [email protected]
  • Newsletter – It is not accessible
  • Contact Address – 860 Conger Street, Eugene 97402, USA
  • Return Policy – Not Mentioned
  • Refund Period – Within 30 Days of the return date
  • Shipping Policy – 10-15 business days
  • Social Media – These pages are not linked to social media.

More information Measts Review

  • Mode of payment – Credit card, PayPal
  • Shipping costs – $0
  • Delivery time: 10-15 business days

Pros and Cons of Measts Website

  • Secure HTTPS connections are available on the website
  • The website design is easy to use and simple.
  • All products have low prices and are affordable

Cons of Teksavvy website

  • Privacy policies are not well described
  • It does not appear to be legitimate.
  • It is incorrectly stated that the refund and return policy does not apply.
  • Social media pages have been deleted
  • Delivery policy and return policies are not correct

Are Measts Legal ?

Websites are required to meet certain criteria in order to be considered authentic. We decided to take a look at the parameters in order to verify the authenticity of the website. These are the requirements:

  • Social Media Links – These social media links have been broken
  • Customer Reviews – We don’t have any customer reviews
  • Content Quality – The content is of average quality
  • Trust Score – This website scores just 27%.
  • Owner’s Information – Owner details are not available
  • Policies – Not all policies are clearly explained or disclosed.
  • Physical Address – The address you provide is not legitimate.
  • Domain Age – This domain was created 18 May 2022
  • Unrealistic Discounts

Measts Review What is customer feedback?

Customer reviews show how customers view the product and what they think about it. This helps to verify the authenticity of the website. We decided to look for customer reviews on the site. Aside from that, there aren’t any reviews anywhere on the internet.

It is impossible to verify whether the website is genuine. The parameters indicate that the website is not authentic. This requires further research on the part of the individual.

Based on the Measts Reviews we can show that this website is fraudulent and not legitimate. We recommend that users investigate the website individually to confirm its legitimacy. Are you a victim of fraud with a credit card? These are the top tips to get a credit card refund.

Take a look at the complete overview of the portal. Do your research before you buy.

Final Conclusion

These parameters do not favor the website. It has a trust score of 27% which is very low. The domain was also created just a few months ago, i.e. In May 2022. A lack of customer reviews is also a problem on the website and the internet.

These parameters can be used to prove the website is fraudulent and not legitimate.