You may have heard of Matt King, the prodigy and co-founder at Meow Wolf’s Immersive Arts Experience. He was 37 years old when he died on July 9, 2022.

He committed suicide. His treatment for anxiety attacks and his troubled emotional state led to his suicide. His exhibits at Sante Fe, Denver , have attracted 1.5 million people this year.

Continue reading to learn more about the Mattking Death Meow Wolf, and how people are dealing with it.

What caused Matt King’s death?

Mathew Warren King was born in Arlington, Texas, on September 6, 1984. Randy King was his father’s owner of an auto-transmission shop. His father gave him the freedom and permission to decorate his bedroom as he liked. Matt began decorating his room by painting spaghetti on the walls and then threw it at the wall. He was always creative and artistic from childhood and he looked forward to every opportunity that presented itself. Matt found his home at Meow Wolf. Matt King Cause Of Death Meow Wolf was the result of Matt’s design and artistic skills that gave the company an advantage over other companies. He committed suicide because of his disturbed psychological health.

He didn’t feel that college was right for him in his youth so he managed to survive by working as a delivery driver, an artist for galleries, and finally landscaping. He started his career in the Meow Wolf by creating art from trash cans and doing work that was considered unimportant. This is how he ignited his creativity.

How Did Matt King Die Meow Wolf?

Matt’s life was marked by trauma and instability. Although he had experienced some terrible times, he always longed for a life free from all the hardships and trauma. It wasn’t easy, though. He didn’t find the satisfaction that he wanted, even when he was promoted as vice president of the creative venture. He was scared to seek any assistance or help. He wasn’t ready to face his demons, and he tragically took his own life on July 9, 20,22. Matt King Meowwolf Obituary was given by his close friends and colleagues, who were still struggling to cope.


The essay summaries the life of Matthew Warren King. He was a bright, brilliant kid who knew art was his calling. He was determined to share his ideas with the world. He was troubled by anxiety and had trouble with his mind. He wanted to get help, but he was too afraid to do so. At the age of 37, he took his own life. People close to him are distraught. Suicide Matt King leaves everyone questioning the meaning and purpose of life.