This article provides an overview of the show Masked Singer. You will also find the facts and clues about Masked Singer Alive or Dead.

Are you a Masked Singers fan? Are you interested in seeing the list of contestants who have taken part in the latest season of Masked singer? Masked Singer is a popular reality show in the United States. It’s popular and people love to hear new songs.

This article will discuss the Masked Singer Dead or Alive performance and give details about this contestant. So, let’s get started.

What does Masked Singer mean?

Masked Singer is an reality show that introduces a new season. Season 7 was broadcast on March 9th, 2022. This show is unlike other singing reality shows in that celebrities wear costumes and perform before the public.

The United States enjoyed the previous seasons and are still enjoying them. People now look forward to the identity the masked singer.

The Masked Singer Is Dead or Alive

Masked Singer Season 7 episode 7: Thingamabob is a contestant who sings Wanted Dead or Alive. Thingamabob is part of Team Cuddly. He performed on the song in 1986 as it was a big hit and was nominated by MTV Video Music Award.

Who are Thingamabobs?

Thingamabob’s identity cannot be revealed at the moment, although there are hints to help guess. They include a Californian hotel ornament and a golden Pitbull who is eager to capture the contestant.

The judges correctly identified Dead or Alive‘s identity. According to Jeong, it was Metallica singer James Hetfield. McCarthy, Chris Jericho and Thicke both believe Terrell Owens is the true identity.

What clue was behind the masked sing of Dead and Alive

Masked Singer allows the audience and judges to get clues so they can guess the identity of the performer. Here’s the list of clue packages for Thingamabob (who performed on the Wanted Dead or Alive first episode).

  • Season 5 contestant the Bulldog turned out be Nick Cannon. He is now hunting Maasked Singer Dead or Alive Thingamabob.
  • Different ornaments can be presented, including a tackle box or fishing net, tip container, and many others.
  • A voiceover is recorded before the performance. It is said that although we don’t know exactly what it is, it is important and must be protected.
  • A commercial was shown promoting Thingamabob, the wildlife that saves it.

Wrapping it Up

With the information we have, we can confirm that the identity of Thingamabob the masked singing artist has not been revealed. However, it will be interesting to discover the celebrity behind the mask.

Are you a believer that Masked singer Dead or Alive might be? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.