Marx Cards Inc is an American company that specializes in authenticating and grading sports cards for customers. It is located in the United States. The company is now in the news because of a scam targeting cardholders.

Numerous videos and social media posts have confirmed that the company committed fraud with Raw Sports Card Holders. They were kept at PSA and will not be released until they are paid off.

Let’s learn more about Marx Card Scam.

What are Marx Cards?

Marx Cards Inc was founded by Michael Minjares, his brother Kevin, and is now a business. The company is located at United States. Customers can have their sports cards authenticated and graded by PSA, a respected authentication and grading firm.

PSA, or Professional Sports Authenticator, is the largest and most trusted third-party trading card grading company. It certifies and authenticates cards and collectibles, with prices and cumulative ratings.

The company is however in the news because of a card fraud that is being perpetrated against Raw Card Holders.

Marx Cards Scam: What It Is?

Marx Cards is third-party card submitter. They are also PSA’s authorized dealers. The company’s task is to prepare the customer’s card for grading and drop them off at PSA for the collector.

PSA charges grading fees once the card is graded. The fee is not charged on the card’s receipt. Marx Cards charges customers upfront for authentication, grading and other services. A scam has been reported in which it was claimed that Marx Cards charged customers upfront for authentication and grading, but they have not yet paid the PSA fees.

People want to know more about the new Marx Cards Fraud and where the money went. The company has not provided any clarifications and the website is currently down. This has only heightened the curiosity of the public.

How are people reacting to the scam?

Raw Cardholders are both curious and anxious because so many people have reported this scam via social media and videos. Because the website’s server was down, they reported the scam to their official social media pages.

The Marx Cards Scam has been reported by the company’s largest customer.

Many people are talking about the scam and asking how they can get their card back. PSA will not return the cards until they have paid their fees. To learn more about this scam, you can read the reviews and video comments on social media .


Marx Cards, a third-party card submitter and PSA authenticated dealer, helps customers get their cards graded and authenticated. Recently, however, the company was in the news for collecting money upfront from customers and not paying any fees to PSA for authentication. PSA has blocked the cards and won’t return them until they have paid their fees.

Many cards were stolen under the Marx Cards Fraud and people are now anxious about getting their cards back. It is important to be aware of this scam and to learn how to protect yourself from it .