Using the commencement of high-speed online connections, activities on online platforms have elevated. Not just have on the internet sites, shopping websites acquired immense attention, but simultaneously craze for online novels has elevated too.

This write-up will talk about one particular online novel referred to as Martial Peak and it is most trending chapter Martial Peak 1524, which is just about the most read chapter Worldwide.

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Brief opening about Martial Peak Novel

Martial Peak is among the trendings and presently a continuing Chinese novel which has got greater than 6000 plus chapters. The storyline is dependant on the theme of the Chinese fantasy novel compiled by author Momo. Presently this novel has been converted by Divine Dao Library.

This novel is counted inside the listing of china’s most-read tales and stands inside the top ten list. It got around a 50million views and capped the chart in June 2014. From the most read chapter is Martial Peak, Chapter 1524. The novel also remained within the top list chart for This summer 2015 and is among the most read phone novels available on the web.

Review of the Martial Peak Novel

The Martial Peak novel portrays the arduous journey to become martial peak, which is understood to be solitary, lonely, along with a lengthy journey within the story. To carry on this problematic journey, you have to face all of the adversity to outlive and remain unyielding. You have to feel the high paradise pavilion tests and follow all of the disciplinary rules within the most dedicated method to get ready for your way.

Description for Martial Peak Chapter 1524

The martial peak novel includes your way of Kai Yang, a lowly sweeper who got the black book, which brought him set on the highway of Martial World to achieve the height. Chapter 1524 of Martial Peak is entitled “You Don’t Have To Know,” This chapter includes Ye Xi Yun’s return story.

Ye Xi Yun may be the Senior sister Ye who reappeared after a century. She mentioned that they was made to stay and survive in seclusion during the last a century. Ye Xi Yun was considered the most powerful master of Shadowed Star, and today her strength is assumed to become greater after 100 years.

What’s stand out concerning the Martial Peak 1524 chapter?

Following the return of Ye Xi Yun, everybody present on Star Emperor Mountain thought couldn’t better place anybody within the Master Sect position than her. When Ye Xi Yun had the control of Star Emperor Mountain, the cultivation atmosphere was a lot better than now.

She’s also regarded as the most powerful of all of the Third order origin Realm masters. Hence this story produced excitement inside the readers making this chapter 1524 probably the most read chapter.


The entire Novel of Martial Peak  is discovered to be overwhelming, and visitors completely hooked on the entire novel, and Martial Peak 1524 numbered chapter is easily the most loved. The 1524th chapter holds suspense about Ye Xi Yun’s return and why she didn’t have within the last years?