Are you interested reading or writing novels? Are you familiar with Salman Rushdie the celebrated novelist? What do you know about the latest controversy surrounding him? Did you know that Ayatollah Khomeini put a fatwa on him

Did you know that an Iranian leader was the ayatollah? Are you familiar with his latest novel of satanic poems? Did you know this news was reaching large from the United Kingdom (UK), United States, Canada and France. This article on Marianne Wiggins Salman Rushdietill you get to the end

Salman Rushdie: What’s the deal?

Salman Rushdie, a well-known novelist of the 20th Century, was one of his victims. Online sources claim that he was struck in the neck and torso during his lecture in New York. His liver was damaged, and his arm was badly injured. He was admitted to a ventilator, but it was later confirmed that he would recover. He was subject to a fatwa because of the satanic verses. This was a huge controversy worldwide.

Marianne Wiggins is a writer. His wife was said not to be well. Online sources claim that Marianne made an announcement that Salman and she were moving in separate places for the past four weeks due to their stressful relationship. Many of his books were awarded.

What’s in the novel?

Online news reported that the book had caused religious discord because it depicted the fictional version of Prophet Mohammad. The Quran has been misinterpreted, leading to offense from the Muslim community. This led to Marianne Wiggins Salman Rushdie being placed on his side by ayatollah Khomeini. Salman states that the book contains no controversial texts against Islam. It only contains some text.

This novel, which was published over three decades ago has been controversial for many years. His texts that he wrote lead to him being threatened and attacked by the Muslim community. Because he hurt their sentiments in his novel, he had to hide for many decades for his safety. But now, he was badly hurt, which causes him to be at risk for his life.

Who were Elizabeth West Salman Rushdie

Elizabeth west is believed to be Salman Rushdie’s third spouse. She is 53 years of age, although the exact date is not known. Milan Rushdie is the son of Elizabeth and is believed to be aged 23.

Note We have all this information from an online source and it is based upon online research. It’s not meant for anyone to hurt.


According to an online source, Salman was badly injured in the liver and neck while delivering his speech. However, he was recoverable Marianne Wiggins Salman Rushdie. The novel which hurt Muslim sentiments led to controversy. A fatwa was placed against him which forced him to hide from Muslims for certain years.