Are you looking to feel confident about your safety when you travel? Are you looking for the most convenient and easily-carried self-defence products? This article will provide you with the essential information.

Today’s composition has been discussing a self-defence product and its brand. It is available to women from all over the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Please visit this account to find out more about the Keychain.

What’s the Keychain Mace?

Mace is a brand that offers personal security devices such as safety alarms for apartments and pepper guns. Its keychain features an irritant spray. This compact product can be used by women as a self defense tool.

The keychain can be used by ladies to attach keys together due to its natural purpose. They don’t have to carry pepper spray in separate containers. The anchored keys make it easier to find the pepper spray in a bag or pocket during an emergency.

What’s Inside the Mace Weapon ?

The pepper spray is attached to a keychain in the Mace product. This spray is made up of hydrocarbon solution and phenacyl chloride. This aerosol spray is available in cans from the manufacturers.

Chloroacetophenone is another name for this constituent. It is used by police officers as tear gas in order to manage violent situations. Alan Lee Litman is the inventor of Mace spray. He invented it in 1960. The conman would be severely irritated if someone sprays the item on his face.

What is A Mace on a Chain Useful For Women?

The mace keychain can be used for personal security by anyone, but it’s especially beneficial for women. Gangsters take advantage of women’s natural inability to fight men. Ladies must have a self defense item in order to fight these vile men.

Because it’s easy to find in an emergency, the chain-type mace is extremely useful. The attached chain makes it easy to pull the spray out of a bag or pocket using the included chain. Women don’t need another pepper spray to protect themselves. This product can be used to protect their keys from the elements and carry them around.

Is New York’s Keychain legal?

The state law in New York prohibits the sale and purchase of mace pepper sprays. The state’s women have asked the authorities to change this law through several channels. A blog written by a female activist claims that she was attacked on the streets by a troublemaker and saved herself with her mace spray. The product was not available in New York so she had to order it from New Jersey.


This brand offers a large selection of self-defense products through their portal. They also offer the Keychain. This product is extremely useful for protecting women from the terrible acts of others on the streets.