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Are you familiar with Hong Kong’s most famous comedian? Do you have the complete story of her life? If not, you’ve just arrived at the right blog to find out all about her life. Lydia Tin Ha Sum was a well-known figure in Canada. She also appeared in United Kingdom.

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Details of Lydia Tin Ha Su:

People want to know more about Lydia Tin Ha Su, after Google Doodle paid tribute to her. She was a comedian and actor in Hong Kong.

And she’s celebrating her 77th birthday. She was born July 1945. At age 15, she started working with Shaw brothers. Shaw Brothers was the most important film production studio. She is made an actress in 1960.

People were also interested in How did Lydia die after hearing about Lydia. Sources say that Lydia had a liver tumor and cancer close to the gallbladder. She died on 19 February 2008. She was 62 years old when she died.

Personal Lives of Lydia Tin Ha Sum

Lydia Tin Ha Sum, a Hong Kong singer and actor, was born on 21 July 1945. She was well-known not only for her comic talents but also because she was capable of playing many leading roles. Her popularity increased when she worked with Shaw Brothers studio. Her role as a mad world franchise spokesperson, a recipe that makes it easy for people to fatten up, was an enormous success.

Lydia Tin ha Sum Net Worth 2022 is her net worth of $2 million. She was quite successful working with the Shaw brothers. Later she was an extremely popular host of several programs. Below are details about her personal life and career.

In addition to working with Chinese citizens, she made English her second language, which made it very popular among the rest of the world. In 2001-2005 she was a broadcaster on channel 5. She gained even greater fame when she played the role Lydia Lum. The show was broadcast only in Singapore. Google Doodle recently celebrated her 77th birthday.

Lydia Tin Ha Sum Net Worth 2022:

Her net worth now stands at $2million, following a career in comedy and acting. She has achieved great heights throughout her career, from her first role with Shaw brothers to work in foreign languages film. She made great strides and was a talented actor that could take on many roles. Google Doodle was recently honored for her outstanding contributions in entertainment by celebrating her 77th birth.


Lydia Tin Ha Sum was an exceptional talent, and she gained a lot of fame through her acting skills and comic abilities. This article contains all the details. This article provides every detail.

This article gives you all the information about Lydia Tinha sum Net Worth 2022, as well as her career.

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