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People are often suffering from bad body odors in the summer. Others don’t like wearing smelly clothes to deal with such problems. now offers an extensive selection of body butters, laundry spray, soaps and deodorants. In addition, the e-store is very popular in the United States. It has also gained popularity worldwide. To learn more about the portal, we recommend reading these reviews.


Under its “about Us” page, the website gives a detailed overview of the site’s origins, motives and role. Lumedeo com is also the first to offer aluminum-free deodorants. You can also find a wide range of products on the website, such as deodorants and soaps. The website also offers free shipping to all United States residents if they spend at least $25.

Customers can also create custom bundles through the website. In these bundles, they can select from different products in one package. Some are still concerned about being legit. Let’s examine the reliability and credibility of the site in this article.

Features in the ecommerce website

  • Official website link-
  • Products- Deodorants, soap, laundry spray, etc
  • Customer care email address- [email protected]
  • Telephone number Unavailable
  • Pay by PayPal or Gpay
  • Material return policy – Up to 60 days
  • Social media connections – Links provided
  • Order shipping period- No approximate period mentioned
  • Refunds are available at any time
  • Physical address: 75 Varick, Floor 9, New York NY 10013
  • Domain certification date-05/03/2017
  • Transport cost – No shipping costs

After analyzing the results, buyers should read the Review to get more information about the products.

Why should buyers make orders through the portal?

  • The website sells aluminum-free, skin-safe deodorants.
  • The products are clinically verified.
  • The site also contains active social media connections.
  • The website has received positive feedback from shoppers.
  • The interface seems to be user-friendly.

Why should buyers order on the portal instead?

  • Mixed feedback is indeed published via external links.
  • The portal does not include the number for customer care.

Is Legit ?

In the meantime we’ve done extensive research to verify the authenticity of the website. You will find many fraudulent websites on this network. The website looks trustworthy from our point of view, as we have detailed all its technical fields.

  • Domain creation date- The domain of the website was verified on 05/03/2017. Thus, the site has a history that exceeds 5+ years.
  • Trust index score- 76% is the score achieved in trust.
  • Customer reviews- The portal contains Reviews along with ratings. Trustpilot gives the site a rating 2.6 stars.
  • We are not able to verify the company address. Two locations have been mentioned on different pages.
  • Domain expiration date: The domain name expires as it is only valid through 05/03/2028.
  • Social media connections: Under the footer, links to valid social media pages are posted that take you the main page of each portal.
  • Quality content- The published information contains detailed and original information.

Customer reviews

We collected information from the shoppers’ comments during the research. Similar to shoppers posting their happy faces on the site’s official portal and social media pages, we also collected information about the shoppers. Although they appear to be satisfied with the site, Trustpilot also publishes mixed feedback and ratings. The final decision is now up to the customers. Want to find out more about PayPal scam You can read on.


Since it provides truthful information, we believe that the website can be trusted.