lost lands 7 is a puzzle adventure game, which contains many types of puzzles, now you need to solve them one by one and get the clues inside, and find those clues. There are many types of puzzles in lost lands 7, some puzzles are still very difficult to solve, the following will bring you lost lands 7 drill puzzles, hoping to help and guide you to complete each puzzle level part of the game , to learn more about lost lands 7 walkthrough details, you can visit Game TopN.

1. Stone puzzle

In the central stone tablet, click on the circular groove, insert the stone tablet fragment and the central element, and the stone puzzle will appear.

On the stele, the player needs to move the circular bricks to find a suitable position so that the line between the circular bricks passes through all the Christmas tree symbols. Move two circular bricks so that the line between them goes through the three Christmas tree symbols on the left, then move the other 3 circular bricks so that the line between them goes through the other four Christmas tree symbols and you are done This puzzle is up.

2. Line puzzle

In Susan ‘s abandoned house, where everything was covered with sheets, everyone removed the sheets and checked everything. Insert the found key into the far door and press the handle to enter.

Get a roll of tape in the cabinet above , put all the pieces of the photo together on the dresser, use the tape to stick them , turn the whole photo over, and you ‘ll find a hint about the line puzzle .

Open the cabinet on the right with half of the hearts inside , use the knife at the top of the cardboard box in the cabinet on the left to find the other half of the hearts. Place the two halves of the heart on the box on the bed and the line puzzle will appear , you need to rearrange the lines, following the hints on the back of the photo , start with the starting point of the 5 lines, place it at the bottom , and place the rest Build the line upwards to complete the puzzle and open the box.

3. Voice puzzle

You’ll need to populate 6 soundbars in the speech puzzle , move the recording segments to get back to normal order, and hear the words that open the lock .

So we can take slices on the right , and the leftmost and rightmost entries are thinner than the others. You need to solve this puzzle in 3 minutes . On the right side of the speaker , all the details are always in the same order, you can order them from top to bottom, so you can complete the puzzle.

4. Crane puzzle

In the crane puzzle, you need to control the crane with the joystick and buttons to remove all the garbage in the yellow highlighted area.

Use the manipulator on the right edge to move the crane and press the red button on the left to hook the box to release the part.

First you’ll move the small grey container to the top right corner, then drag the rest to the center. Next move the grey one item down to the right and attach the rest of the larger items to it.

Finally, there will be more space on the left, where we can compress the garbage, remove the garbage in the yellow highlighted area, and then enter the accident scene.

The above is the lost lands 7 walkthrough puzzle. If you want to know more about the gameplay and introduction of lost lands 7, please visit gametopn.com , you can find more articles about lost lands 7 walkthrough on this website, and they will continue to update and interesting for you. All kinds of fun games, click to visit now!