Players should all remember the first time they played Lost Ark, stumbling around in the ring of fire outside Nomad Camp, and panicking immediately after stumbling upon a giant rock giant with over 1 million HP. The Salt Giant is likely to be one of the first World Bosses players will find in the game, which also forces them to have to stock up on enough Lost Ark Gold to boost their power. While it may be easy for players to find the Salt Giant, killing it would be difficult.

If players have never encountered the Salt Giant during the Yudia quest, they can find this lumbering foe just east of Nomad Camp in Saland Hill, just before the land bridge that takes you to Thorngrip Den. Although Salt Giant is a level 19 World Boss, it’s easier to pick up than Rudric based on his attack style alone. None of his actions cause any debuffs or long-term stuns. The Salt Giant is very slow, which makes it easy for him to kite and dodge.

Salt Giant

The Salt Giant’s “Salt Sprinkler” move will only happen randomly in the second phase of this fight, and players will need to craft a Swiftness Robe, Flash Grenade, and Luterra’s Horn to defeat it successfully. If players have trouble dodging the Salt Giant’s range, they’re better off wearing a Swiftness Robe or two. Although Salt Giant’s aggro is completely random, if you can’t find a team that can conquer him, Luterra’s Horn may prove useful, drawing some of his aggro long enough to get some decent hits.

The Salt Giant is the perfect World Boss for the “Boss Hunter: Novice” achievement challenge. While its attacks are powerful, they are easy to avoid and will only attack when his back is facing the players. Once players learn his attack patterns, avoiding attacks should be a piece of cake. For low-level players, it’s well worth it. Because if you win the Salt Giant boss battle, you will be able to get a lot of Epic-tier rewards.

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